Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming workshops will be announced in June.

John is available to speak on the following topics:

Morphology (Introduction to)
An introductory workshop about face reading.
Full Description (PDF)

Morphology (2 Day Intensive)
A 2 day intensive workshop about face reading.
Full Description (PDF)

Healing Mind, Body & Spirit
A workshop for anyone interested in healing including new techniques to bring your healing energies to a higher vibration.
Full Description (PDF)

How We Become Ill/How We Become Well
An exploration of your body’s own healing power and the use of energy, morphology and imagery in healing.
Full Description (PDF)

Crossing Over, Positive Perspectives on Death and Dying
A workshop exploring questions related to transitioning from this life into another realm and how to nourish our own souls and the souls of our loved ones.
Full Description (PDF)

A workshop integrating Qigong based movements, breathing techniques and meditation.

A workshop integrating a variety of additional topics or any combination of the above classes.

Click here for a single page PDF with a brief description of each workshop.

Click here for a multi-page PDF with full descriptions of each workshop.

For more information, please contact the office.
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