”My Husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in June of 2020. The cancer was in his liver, pancreas, lungs , and lymph nodes. Every doctor we went to gave us the same diagnosis, they said my husband had 6 -12 months to live, and that was with heavy doses of chemotherapy.

My Husband has been working with John for 10 months now. His Tumors have shrank and he has no pain. We are very thankful to have found John.“

Paula Work

”Dear John,

It was such a pleasure to work with you. As you were going through the healing session with me, I felt your sincerity and great heart. I am so glad to know you, and I thank you for the experience. My discomfort has subsided, and I have more energy. It's vital for individuals of my age to keep healthy and strong.

You are a light in the world.

With appreciation and blessings,



”John is simply the very best Healer I know. He has helped me several times fro 2003 on. Any time I can spend time with John, in session or various workshops, is special and rewarding. He helped me beat cancer (from volunteering at the WTC, NYC in 2001: lymphocarcenoma : the oncologists was amazed at how well I tolerated the treatments: I am now cancer free 2 years and Lyme disease free as well) I have recommended him to several others and he also helped me. I would recommend him to anyone.“

Rosalie C. Rossi Phd
Artist, former Art Professor and Art Consultant

“I love this class so much that I have taken it twice! John Carroll is a wise and perceptive teacher of a discipline that one can apply immediately to yourself, your loved ones and, if you are a health professional, your patients. Studying facial morphology, an ancient medical art and spiritual endeavor, helps one to discern optimal diet, exercise and sleep, as well as opening the door to understanding character and temperament. It’s a rewarding way to spend a weekend.”
Joanne Ahola, M.D.

“Wonderfully organized, personally transforming.”
Gerard Vallone, PhD
Retired Philosophy Professor

”Dear John,
...You are simply the “best” Healer I know and I am most grateful for everything
You have given me - most especially seeing me through a remarkable cancer cure. (from 9/11 volunteering)
You can use this as a testimonial
Love and respect,“


”I have been a client of John Carroll for the past 12 years.
I originally came with back issues which healed.
I then came with Lymphoma which has been in control or the past 12 years.
Every appointment involves significant healing and learning.
I feel John can see or feel things that are going on in people’s bodies and can fix many of their problems.
I am a western educated professional and I feel John has a power to heal with the help of God.

“Learning Morphology has informed and influenced my practice greatly. I now have a whole new perspective and it helps me to support my client’s road to transformation. Thank you John for imparting this ancient information in a practical way.”
Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM, CST
Owner and Director of 
The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center

”John Carroll is a most capable, worthy and excellent healer of high compassion, integrity and love.“

Gerald Epstein, MD, Author of Healing Visualization

”John is an extraordinary healer whom I have been privileged to know all my life and to work with professionally these last 3 years. His ability to use energy and imagery has changed, as well as saved, the lives of many of my patients. Miracles still do happen (with John’s help).“

Richard Brown, MD, Author of Stop Depression Now

”Dear John:
I am writing this note to thank you for the wonderful work you have done in healing myself and my patients. When I first called you on December 13, 2003, I was in desperate straits. I was hemorrhaging vaginally, due to a large submucosal uterine fibroid. My hematocrit had dropped 10 points, and 2 gynecologists told me I needed a hysterectomy or my blood loss could result in an emergency. I was afraid of bleeding to death, but I did not want to lose my uterus, nor be cut open surgically. You were my last hope. My bleeding was so severe at times I was afraid to move. From the moment I telephoned you to make my first appointment the hemorrhaging stopped. Every time I started hemorrhaging, I called you, and I would feel the transmission of energy to my lower pelvis as the bleeding stopped. This happened at least 6 or 7 times. The most recent time was on May 11, 2004 when I started hemorrhaging vaginally just as I was about to have an ultrasound in my gynecologists office. Dr. Harris told me after seeing the bleeding, that she had to first change into her scrubs in order to treat me. She returned quickly but at this point the hemorrhaging was so severe she told me the procedure couldn’t be done at all. I told Dr. Harris to just give me a minute to call my healer. I grabbed my cell phone from my purse, and while laying on the stretcher with blood pouring out of me, I called you. As soon as I spoke to you I felt a gentle internal pressure contain my anterior pelvis and all the bleeding stopped. My gynecologist was awed. I had no bleeding at all during the test. I learned that I had a large fibroid implanted on the entire anterior wall of the uterus exactly where I felt your healing energies binding me and saving me from further hemorrhaging. As a physician myself, I am awed by your ability to help me stop hemorrhaging every time I call you. In my last episode of bleeding I would have been happy if you could slow my bleeding down gradually to a manageable level. I was amazed that you succeeded in stopping it totally, in the space of a few seconds. In addition to the above, the sessions I had with you in person have not only helped me with my serious gynecological problems, but freed me from a great deal of back pain, which I have been suffering from 15 years due to 3 bulging discs in my back. You also fixed my misaligned jaw and neck such that for the first time in my life I am holding my head up perfectly straight and my posture is a lot better. Before meeting you, my back was consistently getting reinjured and I would end up in great pain from the slightest wrong move. Now I’m not so fragile, and my range of movement in much improved. I was able to stop treatment with my chiropractor and no longer need private yoga lessons to keep flexible, and prevent reinjury. This is the first time in many years that I have had almost no back pain for 7 months (since the first time I spoke to you). In addition I am well enough to attend a regular yoga class and keep up with my classmates. Words can never express my immense gratitude to you for saving me from serious hemorrhaging and years of back pain. Since December I have sent a number of my patients to you for help and everyone has had significant improvement. Here is a summary of some of the results:
1. One of my patients brought her best friend to you (from England) who was terminally ill with metastatic advanced cancer. After 1 session with you a CAT scan done on this woman showed that she was free of all disease.
2. One patient of mine had multiple organic brain impairments due to moderate to severe lacunar infarcts all over her brain causing her to be impaired in visual-spatial orientation, memory, and planning. She was also impulsive, depressed and had impaired judgment, and she complained of feeling unable to think straight and like she was “under a cloud.” After 1 session with you her visual spatial processing improved to the point where she could cross the street unassisted and she no longer needed home health care assistance. After 2 more sessions her mood lifted, she became better organized in her thinking and she said she now feels almost as good as she did before her stroke ever happened.
3. One patient of mine had many years of severe anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He had tried numerous conventional and alternative treatments, years of psychotherapy, and EEG driven biofeedback, but he was still very symptomatic and unhappy. After 1 session with you he was able to stop all psychotherapy, since he felt much better and was free of his constant mental pain. He said he was amazed at how much his lifelong mental problems were alleviated after seeing you only once. In addition to the enormous help you have given me personally, I am very grateful to you for the incredible improvement you have made I the lives of the patients I have referred to you.“

With warm regards,
Sharon Sageman M.D.

”I had been having major problems with my stomach. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The doctors were unable to answer any of my questions. John worked with me. I immediately felt a surge of engergy throughout my body. After my session with John, I was a new person. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal. I continue to work with John over the phone. John guides me and supports my efforts.“

Sandra Burgess, Ph.D.,
Vice Principal, Harlandale Alternative Center

”The Miracle of Hope
My brother Hope went to the hospital in Africa with a bleeding ulcer sickle cell crisis also just found out he is a diabetic. He was in the hospital and they were giving him blood but it was going right back out his bleeding ulcer, his body was not responding and was in coma. We, all the way in the USA sent our last money for medical bills in hopes but knowing that was all we had we were powerless we had no other option to help our brother. Our good friend gave us John Carroll’s name and number and we called in the evening, John did his amazing visualization-channeling-healing and told us to contact him but that he was ok. When we called him early in the morning his body was not only awake aware and holding blood but he was in no pain from the sickle cell crisis or the bleeding ulcer, we are so thankful and inspired. Yes miracles Happen and John is a wonderful conductor for healing miracles.“

The Osadolo Family

”A blow to the head caused problems with speech and finding my balance. John corrected the problem within moments. I was walking and talking normally. Not only is he effective in person, but he corrected the severe pain from a whiplash on the phone.“

Lydia S. Craigmyle, Ph.D.

”I have known John Carroll for five years, at this time. My relationship with him has been multi-faceted. I have been John’s patient and also have worked with him together to treat dental needs of certain of his clients.
With over 15 years involvement in the world of Holistic Dentistry, there has been ample opportunity for me to meet with other dentists, integrative physicians, naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths and other healers of every possible discipline and dogma. John is distinct from them in every respect.
I could detail the seemingly impossible healings I have witnessed time after time; including the many patients he’s sent to me who’ve been cured of “terminal” cancers that doctors deemed untreatable, as well as those who’ve had chronic pain, arthritis or paralysis cured.
As a dentist I could write at length about the tooth infections I’ve seen cured without surgery, the crooked teeth straightened without braces and the teeth others have deemed hopeless that he’s been able to save. But to do so would be an injustice to him. John does not merely heal diseases he is a channel for miracles.
No two people ever relate having the same experience with John. He does not use memorized protocols or formulas to help relieve suffering. With his powerful intuition, his skills in reading morphology and the incredible gift of his healing touch, John can offer a unique and powerful opportunity for people to heal body, emotions and spirit.
In my own experience working with John I have, in short, been cured of allergies which I’d suffered for years, abdominal pain and spasm in my neck. His recommendations for diet and supplements have always been simple, easy to follow and have contributed greatly to my overall well-being.
In a world where many individuals tout themselves as healers possessing the cures for all diseases, John makes no such claims. He does not use his gifts as a means to seek fame or fortune. He is adamant in his convictions that his talents are merely a conduit for Gods work. His humility, kindness and generosity are a humbling example of what it really means to live in the Higher Self.“

Yours truly,

”I have suffered from vertigo or dizziness for better then a year. I have made at least 10 visits to doctors and spent at least $2000 with no results. About 2 weeks ago I was finishing work when I told John Carroll about my problem. He worked with me for about 15 minutes and I can truthfully say I haven’t had a feeling of dizziness since.“

George G.

”Thank you for channeling the love of God in healing me spiritually, mentailly, and physically. You saved my life and taught me that the physical body manifests what is not resolved emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. I was in a horrendous car accident in December of 2014 where I was stopped in traffic on a San Diego freeway and rear-ended at about 60 mph. The Neurosurgeons said that I had a rare medical condition with fluid sacs (syrinx), intermitently throughout my spinal chord. Several specialists said that this condition could result in paralysis or even worse, death. I reached out to John at an urgent recommendation from Ellen Tadd, a nationally recognized spiritual teacher. John made room for me in his busy schedule and we began [sic] sessions over the phone once or twice a week for at least an hour at a time. Because I was out of work due to the accident, I had little funding but he did not hesitate to work with me due to the seriousness of my injuries. Through the Grace of God, John worked on my spiritual and emotional healing as well as energetically healing my body, getting the fluid to move freely between my brain and my spinal chord. The healing process was rapid both spiritually and physically. I am thankful to be here today because of John’s ability to channel the love of God in healing others. Words could never express my love and appreciation for your willingness to use your gifts in healing others. John is probably the busiest person I know but always willing to make time to save lives and show people the light. I have stepped into the light thanks to you, John. I wish you a continued life of love, abundance, and happiness.“

Amanda, Blessed mom of 3 beautiful children.

”To whom it may concern:
This is my testimony of my healing experience with John Carroll, a healer and educator I have come to know and respect.
I had been suffering from chronic fatigue and malaise for over five years. Doctors diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I had been treated by a number of physicians including a renowned expert who devoted his career to treating this illness. Too some degree these doctors helped me, but I still only had the energy of one 20 to 30 years older then me. Unrelated to this problem with my health I had a hearing loss which was inherited; my father was deaf, and I had been wearing hearing aids for about ten years.
I went to John for help. I figured I had tried about everything and had nothing to loose. It turned out I did have something to lose; my illness. John worked with me for one session and I spontaneously healed. I also got an unsuspected as well as unsolicited bonus from this healing; I no longer need to wear hearing aids.
This is my experience with John Carroll. I hope this testimonial is of help to you.“


”Because of a slipped disc I could barely move. After 2 hours with him (John), I had no pain. Today (1 month later), I have no pain, no restrictions, no apprehension. John is my guardian angel – I’m convinced he is.“


”I was told I had only 3 months to live (diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer), and after years I am still here. This is due to prayers, faith in God and John’s help and guidance with imagery and energy work.“

Roberta: (Lived for 5 and 1/2 more years)

”I have suffered from Endometriosis since I was a teenager. I always knew that my menstrual cycle was not normal because of the terrible pain I would endure each month and the pain increased more and more each year. In my early twenties while at work I fell to the ground with such intense pains that it felt as though someone was stabbing me with a knife. I went to the hospital and they scheduled an appointment for me with a specialist. The doctor suggested that I get a surgical procedure called a Laparoscopy because he could feel abnormal growths inside my abdomen while doing an internal exam.
After having the first surgery they found that I had severe Endometriosis and needed a more invasive surgery to remove the growths and lesions. I was told that if they did the exploratory surgery they could “cure” my condition. Since that first surgery I had two more invasive surgeries where they made an incision from my belly button to my pubic area, one of those surgeries was a hysterectomy. At that point they said there was no way the Endometriosis could come back. I have had to have at least 6-8 more surgeries to remove lesions and had been in intense pain the entire time.
In the year 2000 I had another surgery to remove the lesions. When the pain came back in 2003 I went to John Carroll, I had had enough of the conventional medicine that never helped. He spent hours on me healing my body. I felt a difference almost immediately. John gave me self guided healing imagery to do 3 times a day for a month, then after that just when needed. It is now almost 2014 and I have no more gut wrenching pains and haven’t had another surgery since the last one in 2000. I don’t know how John does what he does but it works!!!! Thank you so much John Carroll for giving a better quality of life.“


”Rocco’s Story
August 20, 2015
“Here is my short story of hope. As a parent who lost hope when their child had a severe reaction to his vaccines, my son became disconnected to the world around him. He was diagnosed with severe autism and is now non-verbal. Rocco had dark circles under his eyes and felt miserable. I came to John Carroll an emotional mess. He first listened to me and my concerns and slowly stated the healing process. Rocco had candida (yeast over growth in gut) and not one doctor cured it, but johns healing hands cured his belly and Rocco started to awaken. he looked healthy and started to make eye contact, more attachment to the world around him. Rocco sees John on a regular basis, we are truly blessed to see our sons personality return to us and god willing hear his voice. John’s Healing ability gave us a happy healthy son and most of all gave our family hope for his future ;we our truly blessed to have John in our lives.”“

”My youngest daughter Phoebe was diagnosed with Torticollis it is a fixed or dynamic tilt, rotation, or flexion of the head. She was receiving therapy up to five times a week. Nothing was helping and we were very concerned. While at John’s during my sons session who John sees for his autism; he looked over at Phoebe at said “sit her down” I replied “she can’t sit up by herself” he said “trust me”John adjusted her spine and neck without laying a single hand on her and before my eyes she sat directly up. It was shocking a true miracle right before our very eyes. Phoebe went to Therapy the next day and no one believed me nor understood how she was fixed overnight but she was and is and am extremely grateful. She no longer requires therapy and quickly caught up to her development goals.”“

Yours truly
Maureen Carelli

”They say it’s always darkest before dawn. We had some pretty dark days during he summer of 2005. I will do my best to recount what took place and I’m here to tell all of you that miracles do happen. The good news is, this one happened when we needed it to.
My name is Ed Levine. I am married with two daughters. My youngest daughter, Amanda, is physically challenged having cerebral palsy along with a developmental mental delay. She uses a wheelchair but can walk with the aid of a walker for short distances. She is very sweet, caring, considerate young girl with a wonderful personality and a genuine pleasure to be with and talk to although understanding her can be a bit of a challenge. That has gotten better through the years. She enjoys being outside in the warm weather, going to baseball games and riding her adaptive bicycle. She also very much enjoys swimming in the pool because that puts her on a level on a playing field with most other kids.
On Saturday in July of 2005 we had a family party and had a small group of guests, both family and friends at our home to enjoy the swimming pool and the beautiful July day. This is really where my story starts.
Amanda came out of the pool after swimming for a while and complained of a headache. We wrapped her up to keep warm, gave her some water and a children’s Tylenol, asked her if she was hungry or thirsty. She drank a little and she said she felt sick. Then she cried out and said started crying out loudly, we took her inside to lye down but something was just not right. She started drifting and basically slowly passed out. As parents we were beside ourselves, called 911 and the ambulance took her to our nearby hospital. There she stayed for a few hours, not conscious more like in a coma state. Cat scans were done along with other tests. They had no answers for us. I then had her moved to Sony Brook trauma center, as it was a much better equipped hospital. There is nothing worse than seeing your lie child lifeless and being able to do nothing about it. After many tests, MRI, MRA, CT scans and numerous blood work ups, it was determined she had a series of micro strokes, tiny little strokes all over her brain. These were visible on her MRI and MRA scans. Her brain was in distress and seizing and therefore she was unconscious. There was our child, laying there in a coma like state and all the doctors had no good answers for us on anything. We had many doctors as Amanda has had many in he past. We got all of them involved and consulting on this case. NYU Medical center, shriners, North Shore, just to name a few. As we thought, top, top doctors. No one had any answers for us. Ten days passed and sill no change. My wife and I never left that room as we alternated staying with her by her side. Not knowing what to do, we talked to everyone we were close to, to think outside the box “so to speak”. We found John Carroll through my sister. She knew of a girl who had a son that was healed by John. I got in touch with John and that night me being next to her in the hospital and John, over the phone mind you, started working. That was about 11pm at night. The next morning Amanda opened her eyes. She drifted in and out that first day but we were very encouraged to say the least. The next morning she was able to move her left side of her body. There was nothing on he right and no speech. Just her looking at us with a stare that would melt an iceberg as if to say, what happened to me and why can’t I move or talk. Talking about ripping your heart out. Another 2 nights of working with her by phone and on the third day, we sat her up and propped her with pillows so she wouldn’t tip and gave her food for the first time in two weeks. While my sister was giving her some vanilla pudding, Amanda was smiling and liking he pudding very much. She then said MORE. Well, we had a pretty big group in he room at the time, totally against hospital rules but hey were very good like that. A roar came out of that room and everyone came running into see the miracle that took place or should I say part on. John worked with her every day and the part two is nothing short of another miracle. Another MRI and MRA were taken of Amanda’s brain. From what I understand, strokes leave scars behind, yes he body can recover using other paths of blood flow but the evidence still remains. The strokes had vanished from her brain. The doctors were dumbfounded. They repeated the tests again and yes there is no damage. We continued working with John for quite some time.
I’m happy to tell you Amanda regained the use of her right side, the ability to speak and came all the way back to her normal. She enjoys the pool, baseball games and she grabs life and, to the best of her ability, all that life has to offer
I now know and firmly believe there are certain people in this world that possess a gift. Whether a gift of God or faith or something deeper we may never know or if you believe, and truly have faith, you will realize, you have always known and just forgot for a while.“

”Noah’s Story~
My son Noah was very, very ill and in the hospital for almost 1 month, and sick for two months before that. He then had a life altering experience that affected my whole family.
Noah had pneumonia that had walled itself into a cyst in his lungs. He was not properly diagnosed because he kept complaining of a tummy ache. We were told at first by the doctors that he had a stomach virus. When they finally realized that he had pneumonia it was already a cyst. He had 104 fevers every night and wasn’t eating. He ended up at Stoney Brook Hospital. Teams of doctors worked with us to practice their medicine trying one drug after another. Finally after spending 1 month in the hospital and taking the strongest drugs, they sent us home. Noah had a port inserted in his chest and I gave him two drugs through that port for four hours per day. It was scary, overwhelming, and draining process that my husband and three other children had to go through. The suffering that Noah endured with tests after tests, poking, and the prodding to his little body were horrible. And they were to no avail.
Had I been smarter I would have called John Carroll sooner! One night after the full three months of medical treatment Noah’s temperature spiked to 104 degrees. I had finally had enough! He was lethargic and pleading for me to do something. I did, I called John. He did the most amazing thing over the phone. He took Noah’s fever and transferred it to me. As Noah got cooler I got hotter. I didn’t know what happening until John was told me that my fever would disappear within a short time, and it did. Noah felt better and I was so relieved.
The next day we brought Noah to see John Carroll in person. John worked on him, prayed over him, and healed him with the help of a friend that was there with him. He enlisted Noah and my help too as he gave us imagery to do when we thought of it. We trusted in John’s power through faith, and knew Noah would be healed, and of course he was. We also got physical proof from the doctors.
The day before Noah saw John he had an x-ray of his chest. The cyst had not gotten one centimeter smaller since his medical treatment had begun. The week after his visit with John I made the doctors take another one. And just as we trusted, the cyst had entirely disappeared! The doctor said it was a miracle – we know it, that it was God’s power and love working through John. What Grace!
Since that time we have been to see John for many issues. John healed my marriage in just one session. He healed my son’s arm, a tear in the rotator cuff. He healed my husbands hand; it was a pinched nerve in the shoulder. He even cast out an evil entity that came into the life of my son and his friend.
I am here to see John today because I need help reducing my stress, my weight, and lowering my blood pressure. I know that John will help me. I recommend John to everyone that is ill or struggling in their life
Miracles do happen! The biggest miracle in my life has been meeting John Carroll.“

Celeste Devaney

”Matt’s Story~
When our son Matt was injured in a work related fall my wife and enlisted the prayer support of many friends and family who in turn enlisted the support of others. A huge network of prayer was created.
Matt had sustained a severe traumatic head injury, a break in the C6 of the neck, a fractured wrist, and chest contusions. Hs skull was fractured resulting in blood clotting and internal bleeding, and a shift had occurred in his brain. After the operation on his skull we were told by the neurosurgeon that “he had done all he could. He was now in God’s hands.” His injury was life threatening and the next few days would be crucial.
Matt was heavily sedated to reduce brain swelling. Two days later we received an urgent call that his vital signs were not good and the situation was very critical. We thought we were losing him and once again enlisted prayer. Through prayer and the work of capable doctors and nurses the situation was stabilized.
Soon after, the doctor asked that we okay a tracheotomy to be scheduled the following Thursday. During that first week, as we waited for the day of the procedure, it seemed as if time were standing still. We spent countless hours at Matt’s bed side and never saw him budge or move a muscle, other than the movement of his chest as the ventilator did his breathing. His eyes remained closed, black and blue, his head and face swollen. No encouragement or hope was offered. Each day was slow, and we never knew what challenges he would be facing. It was a roller coaster of emotion.
That Wednesday, seven days after the accident and one day before the scheduled tracheotomy, Matt still had not moved or shown any signs of response. We sat at home that evening, waiting, when the phone rang. It was a friend who gave my wife the phone number of a spiritual healer.
“I don’t know how you feel about this, but this man has had a lot of success. You may want to give him a call.”
At the time it was around 10:00 PM and thought that maybe we should call the following day. We looked at each other again and said, “Let’s call now.” The decision to call was one of the best decisions we ever made. John did not say to call back, but rather asked about Matt. He … began at that moment to pray and to spiritually tune into Matt. They gave us much hope and were beginning to bring a new infusion of Gods energy into this situation. We must have been on the phone for more than an hour. Time was of no concern to them.
John … came to the hospital the very next day; the day matt was scheduled for the tracheotomy. We prayed in the chapel at the time we thought the procedure would be taking place. They left and went back to the floor to check on Matt, I was surprised to find that the doctor had cancelled the procedure as Matt’s basic responses were too low. At the time I didn’t understand what this meant.
John … returned that night to see Matt for the first time. They began to pray and to work with him. They sensed his strong will and desire to come back and to wake from his coma. Then John began to talk with Matt.
“If you can hear me Matt, flare your nostrils.” He did. That was the very first movement we had seen from Matt since he had gone to CCU seven and a half days earlier.
“Matt can you move your toes.” He did ever so slightly. “Your father is holding your hand, can you squeeze his finger?” He did.“

”January 25, 2004

Dear John,
I have worked with John Carroll for the past few months, he in his role as instructor and healer, and I as a conventionally trained neurological surgeon in private practice. I was referred to John by a dear friend when I asked her council on alternative healing for patients whom modern medicine had failed.
I subsequently visited John … in the fall of 2003 with one of my patients and friend, named Amy, and watched him diagnose her physical and spiritual dysfunction and immediately manifest changes in both her perspective, as well as in her physical ailment.
I witnessed first hand the healing energy John emits from his hands, as well as the physical changes in his countenance, as the Energies working with him transformed him, physically altering and improving Amy’s illness (RSD – reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the right foot). She was able to weight bear and walk on that same foot for the first time, as John worked with her.
I again witnessed John’s incredible abilities directly when my secretary and friend, Lynn, fell into a deep coma with brain stem death, on December 18, 2003. She had suffered a massive heart attack with ensuing hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) of greater then ten minutes duration. She collapsed at the hairdresser’s from a heart attack, but went on to suffer a stroke as no one there knew how to administer life-saving CPR. She went at least ten minutes deprived of sufficient oxygen to her brain, before the emergency services arrived and placed her on life support.
After meeting John …, however, I had an entirely different perspective. As the attending internist and cardiologist left for home, I called John in New York within the hour and he began working with Lynn over the phone, with me at the bedside on the phone with him, following his instructions. By 3 am that morning, Lynn was awake and responsive. I woke up and convinced my colleagues (the internist and the cardiologist who were also managing her care) to agree to allow me to remove the ventilator support and endotracheal tube. They had left Lynn earlier that evening with no hope of any recovery. I informed them hours later of John’s work, and they agreed to trust me to exubate her at 3 in the morning.
Lynn was up, exubated, talking, and eating by 9am that same morning. She went home 10 days later with full recovery of her cognitive function and no neurological deficits. Her heart muscle was severely damaged, however, and she continues to work on that healing while at home, using daily meditations given her by John.
Divine intervention saved her life, through God’s Grace, via the conduit of John Carroll. I can personally testify to this and state that I believe that all life is precious and should be approached as the miracle that it is, in any scenario, with little to no exception. I say this after working as both a private practitioner in neurosurgery and a trauma neurosurgeon for 12 years, one that has seen a great deal of disease and loss of life. My perspective as a healer and as a human being will never be the same again.
I consider it both my great fortune, as well as a divine blessing, to have met John …, and I feel my work as an allopathic (traditional) healer has truly been enriched from my experiences with John. I recommend his work without reservation, and ask that all who encounters him do so with an open heart and mind.“

Sincerely, Pamela Costello, MD

”I was diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), a very rare disease. There is no known cure. I could not move my fingers, wrist, arm or shoulder and was in excruciating pain. Within a month of the imagery work with John, my shoulder became unfrozen. Two months later, my arm and wrist had much more mobility. The pain level became manageable. Thanks to John, I really have a handle on the RSD. He is physically, spiritually and emotionally helpful to those who work with him.“


”I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia… The night of my healing had a profound effect on me. It was at that time I believed it left my body. I visited my hemotologist, and she informed me that my blood count was normal. She called it a spontaneous remission. I call it a gift I received from God, through John.“


”I had been suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and malaise for over five years. I had been treated by a number of physicians. Unrelated to this problem, I had an inherited hearing loss. I had been wearing hearing aids for 10 years. John worked on me for one session and I spontaneously healed… I no longer wear hearing aids.“

Robert Davis, CAC, NCACII

”I was given 2 months to live after being diagnosed with stomach, colon and prostate cancer and was unable to move due to a tumor in my back and a back injury. After my first session I was able to move freely. After 2 months I am cancer free and able to touch my toes with a little pain and NO pain medication.“


"...I was so impressed by the joy in the faces of my fellow students - they are all saying how happy they were to be there, as was I..."


”Several years ago my wife found John Carroll’s name through a friend. She had been suffering from severe Sjogrens Syndrome, an untreatable condition similar to Lupus, that affects your joints, your body’s ability to produce moisture, and your energy levels. Nearly incapacitated, she could hardly get out of bed. Numerous doctors, and our own research, had come up with little in the way of effective treatment. John Carroll seemed to be our only hope. I must confess, I was entirely skeptical, thinking it would just be a complete waste of time and money. What a shock it was when, after only one visit she responded with an amazing improvement!

By the third visit with John, she was literally a new person. Her eyes had begun to produce moisture and she had a new-found energy. I stayed in the room with them during John’s treatments, and one night he said, “Why don’t you let me work on your knee?”

Although I walked with a cane, I didn't even think he had noticed. Due to a minor birth defect, my knee had become highly arthritic. By the time I was in my 50’s, it had become difficult to walk and stand. A knee specialist had predicted that I would soon require knee replacement surgery or I would not be able to walk. I was still only barely convinced that John could help me, I had lived with such intense pain for so long. I tried to beg off, but John was insistent, so I agreed. Within hours of his ministrations, I was walking without pain for the first time in recent memory. I have spent the last three years pain-free thanks to this amazing person with an amazing gift.

My wife was recently pronounced virtually free of symptoms from the devastating clutches of Sjogrens, cured of a serious eye lesion, and I have been [helped] by John through kidney stones and other problems.

Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and John brought her through a year of post surgery [chemotherapy] without pain, sickness, or hair loss. She didn’t even lose a single day of work! I forgot to mention that she is 88 years old and still works full time! She was a skeptic and non believer too! Now she looks forward to visiting John often just for a tune-up!

We bless the day we found John...

MR, Ph.D.“

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in both lungs in 1997 and things were not looking good for me. Through faith and prayers from so many people and my visits with John Carroll. I started to feel better. I worked on the visual image exercise every day. As of 2001 I have not had any problems with my lungs. I thank Jesus the blessed Mother all those who prayed for me and the spiritual counseling of John Carroll.
God Bless

”Dear John, Thank you for the wonderful "visual prayer" I say daily. When I was examined by a cardiologist last January for a sluggish valve in my heart he decided surgery was necessary for the care of this condition. However after experiencing the daily result of such a prayer I felt better. After 3 months I again was examined by the same doctor and he was amazed that my [cardiac] condition had improved and surgery was not necessary at that time. I will continue this prayer forever and when I have my next examination in June, I am sure he will agree with me that a miracle has been performed. John, you are in my prayers ~ thank you.

The Conduit That Is: John Carroll
L's Story~
As soon as John walked into the hospital room things started to change for the better. John ... found my daughters' picture in their mail box. It was New Years Eve 2002. My brother put her picture in his mailbox with a desperate cry for help. [She] hit a tree in a Honda civic on November 20, 2001. When the ambulance arrived on the scene [she] was breathless and lifeless. Her skull was fractured in three places her lungs were collapsed. The paramedics worked on her to resuscitate her. Her trachea had shifted in the accident so when they attempted to give her a tracheostomy, her esophagus was nicked, leaving an air pocket around her heart. [She] was taken to Westchester Medical Center in a medivac helicopter.
When my husband and I arrived in the emergency room the doctor told me do not get my hopes up because [her] injuries were so severe that he believed she couldn't survive the night. We had been praying between the tears since we got the news. [She] was in a coma and unable to breath. The noise from the hospital equipment was scary. Over a month had gone by, the doctors told me that if Leah did survive she would never speak or walk. [Insurance] told me that [she] was not a candidate for rehabilitation and I should seek placement in a nursing home for my sixteen year old daughter. That was the same day that John Carroll arrived.
Standing in her doorway not even in her room yet he turned to me and said "you have nothing to worry about, this child is well protected, there is a golden light all over her as well as two angels and three spirits." John ... got closer to [her] and started to pray over her. Just as they began to pray the social worker came in with his jacket to leave for the day to leave for the day and said "The strangest thing has happened , I got instructions to transport [her] to Helen Hayes hospital tomorrow." He added "I have never had to transfer anyone to rehabilitation on a holiday but she will be leaving at 10:30 tomorrow morning." [My daughter], still in a coma but on her way to the rehabilitation center of my choice. The next day the ambulance arrived and Leah was taken to Helen Hayes Hospital. John ... worked with [her] almost daily with miracles happening all around us.
John ... accompanied my family and I as we took [her] to a stigmatic priest [...] from Croatia. [She] started to speak full sentences that day. [She] was discharged into my care on Good Friday 2002. [Her] recovery is nothing short of a miracle. She walks and sings and goes to college. [She] is on the dean's list this her first semester 2005. Healing hands are a special gift from God. There is no doubt in my mind that [she] had divine intervention and John Carroll is one of the conduits through which God worked.

"I testify that I have been taught to heal myself largely by myself and also with guidance from a wonderful teacher, John Carroll. John has worked with me for three sessions. Besides guiding my energy, he empowered me to take on as much responsibility for my self-healing as I felt capable. What was my health problem? It appeared to be like Alzheimers disease. I was rigid, I dragged my feet, I had low affect, low energy. I couldn't dance, and I was only 67 years old. I could hardly finish a sentence, I was so slow and spewing word salad (confusing towel for sheet). One hospital saw no treatment available and the condition age-appropriate. Until I went to John Carroll, after two years of attempts with a few isolated successes, I had not had a systematic program of healing as John presented.

Here are the results:
SESSION ONE: Goal: improve short term memory Focus: influencing balance of healthy brain cell. Reported results at time of session: I can see clearer. Body healing by energy healing: performed

SESSION TWO: Goal: build body energy centers (chakhras) Reported results at time of session: speech incredibly improved; moving faster

SESSION THREE: Goal: Major Healing Reported results at time of session rejuvenated, look and felt like I was just married; my eyes sparkled; my face glowed; I felt self-empowered. Reported observation of others for days thereafter: "Hey your walkings changed", "you're not shuffling"; "your eyes and face look great"; "you look better than you have in years". Life-long commitment: I promise myself to continue applying paying attention to my life goals and purpose on a regular basis. His way, I increase fulfilling my expectations of getting healthier instead of playing catch-up ball. Facilitating this commitment was a 6-week training program in self hypnosis, guided visualization and imagery.


”To Whom It May Concern:
I was taken off a train in severe pain, later diagnosed at the ER as a 5.6cm ovarian cyst. I was told invasive surgery was required due to the size of the cyst and that laparoscopy was not an option. While waiting in the ER I called John Carroll. From my past experience with him I was sure he would have a [complementary] option. John started me on an imagery exercise where I imagined myself going into my body through the belly button and finding the cyst. I was to [picture myself shining] a blue laser light on the cyst until it started to melt away. When I experienced it gone I would then shine the light on the surrounding tissues to heal them as well, thank god and open my eyes. I did this exercise morning and night. I could really feel my body responding physically to the imagery. I also took some natural progesterone prescribed by the doctor to facilitate the shrinking of the cyst. The combination of these two caused the large cyst to completely disappear within 6 weeks, against all odds. What was interesting about this exercise was that each time I went in through the belly button to locate the cyst it had shrunk. After a week I had sensed that it had shrunk to the size of a walnut. In another week I had sensed it was gone. I would shine the light on the surrounding area anyway and completed the 21 day cycle. I went to have an ultrasound to check its status. I "knew" on a sensory level it was gone, and I kept my fingers crossed. The radiologist was astonished as it had completely disappeared. He said he had never seen a cyst this size disappear on it own. My doctor at NYU who had been highly skeptical of my chosen approach called me when he got the results wanting to know exactly what I had done. We talked for 20 minutes, and I must say I was impressed with him for asking and being so interested. Overall, I can say that John Carroll amazes me. I really believe in the power of imagery [...] it is self-empowering because one does it oneself. I also am fascinated by the role of energy in health and life. Now that I have opened my awareness to energy, thanks initially to working with Jon Carroll, I am still learning, but with wide-eyes and open senses am coming to experience the powerful force that it is in all encounters, attitudes and beliefs. In my journey to health I have sought out all kinds of alternative practitioners and John Carroll clearly stands out from the pack. His energy work is amazing and effective, and combined with extensive training and experience in imagery, including his uncanny ability to intuit the appropriate imagery exercises for each person, he offers a powerful combo of education, self-healing and energy-clearing the likes of which I have never encountered.

”To Whom It May Concern:
John Carroll has extraordinary abilities I have never encountered before. In three separate incidences, the combination of his energy work and imagery exercises had a significant healing effect on my body.
I had been in severe back pain for months. John Carroll came to my house, asked me to close my eyes and face a certain direction. He proceeded to work on me energetically a slight distance from my back for about a half hour. Then he said he had cleared the energy field and my back should be better. I was doubtful about this possibility, but was amazed when I opened my eyes and took a step as I was in no pain. I couldn't believe the difference after months of pain to suddenly be pain free. He explained to maintain the adjustment I would need to change thought patterns underlying the back pain. Based on his energetic assessment he prescribed and imagery exercise I should do for 21 days. I did it for about five days but got distracted on a trip out of town and lapsed. The back pain resumed. I called John when I returned and he told me he knew I had stopped the imagery and when I had stopped it and was correct. He cleared the back pain once again, this time over the phone, and I began the 21 day cycle anew. On the 21st day I woke up with an intense feeling of joy, only later realizing it was the end of the imagery cycle. This experience with John Carroll was amazing. A complete reversal of pain symptoms has turned me into a believer in energy and imagery.
John later came to my house and worked on me further, as I also had various immune and autoimmune problems. He worked on me energetically and then had me sit down in a chair. He said for me to place my hands on top of his head and shut my eyes. For about 20 minutes I just sat there. Towards the end another significant feeling of deep, expansive joy came over me-way beyond my normal experience of joy. He said he had found me very receptive to the energy and that the experience of joy indicated I had been healed. I can not state for sure the impact of Johns work on my immune system per se, but I will say that after each experience with John I felt significantly better and after 2 years I am significantly improved.


”Dear John,
When I came to you six months ago, my body was full of pain: back, hip, and knee, left shoulder — I felt like a big blob of suffering. I remember what it was like, after our second session, rising from the chair with no backache, putting weight on the right knee without it going out on me, raising my left arm without it getting stuck at the shoulder. You did more than make the pains go away,  John. You enabled me to seek out alternative methods of healing my entire body— not just the parts that seemed to hurt the most. I thank God for you every day, John. You gave me back my life. All the best,

”John Carroll is a remarkably gifted spiritual healer. His healing work is fantastic! He [was] able to completely eliminate all of the physical problems that I have had.
I have had a variety of traumatic injuries to my back and neck which have left me with several different problems such as; severe pain in my back and neck, legs and arms often tingling and numbness in my legs and arms, pain in my kidneys and ringing in my ears.
Virtually every time that John has worked on me, within moments he alleviates the pain and the cause of it.
I still am amazed by his speed and effectiveness in eliminating and assessing a problem. Not only is he effective in person, but on the phone as well. Most of my pain happens when we are not present together and in a moment he has stopped the severe pain of a whiplash injury for instance.
One time in particular, that stands out to me, a few weeks earlier I had received a blow to the back of my head from a large serving tray and began to have difficulty speaking and finding my balance. John happened to come into the deli where I was and he instantly assessed the situation and corrected a misalignment in my neck. Immediately I was fine, talking and walking normally. I was relieved, awed and grateful. On February 18, 1999 I was ready to cancel a two week vacation trip because of a slipped disc. I could barely walk, could not bend over and was taking up to 10 aspirin per day which did nothing to ease the pain. Fortunately my wife asked that I give John Carroll one chance to improve my condition. After two hours with him I had no pain, could touch my toes and did not have to cancel my vacation.
[...] No pain, no restrictions on movement, no apprehension. John is my guardian angel I'm convinced he is.

”Dear John,
...I wanted to thank you for all the help you've given me and to say you can quote the following from me in your practice:
John worked with my mother during her final stages of Alzheimer's and eased her suffering. It was so clear he connected with her on a level that no one else was able to. It was remarkable even the nurses noticed an improvement in her ability to walk and focus.
Thanks John and God Bless“

”Dear John,
Angel, This is to report ongoing comfort in knees and other areas you "laid hands" near. With my ongoing gratitude! Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me. I will always be grateful to God for your role in my life.
Father George“

”This is my testimonial of how John Carroll helped me with the painful experience of passing a kidney stone.
An excruciating pain and pressure in my lower abdominal area sent me rushing to my doctor. I was told I was passing a kidney stone and given a powerful painkiller. I was sent home to wait out the passage of the stone. I immediately called John for help. He had helped me with a much more serious problem in the past and I had confidence in him. I believe my healing started during our phone contact (he talked and I tried to listen). Through a technique I don't much understand he was able to accelerate the passage of my stone. This was amazingly done over the phone. He then gave me a special imagery to do on my own every two hours. The stone passed the next morning. The pain was gone and a follow up ultrasound showed no signs of other stones. The stone I passed was tested and determined to be a common type.
John Carroll also helped me understand what this painful experience was trying to help me see about my life. Now I am grateful to John Carroll and the kidney stone.

”Dear John,
Today I had a semi annual checkup of my heart by my cardiologist. The results were wonderful. He said the E.K.G. was exceptionally improved. I told him about you and how you inspired me to say the "visual prayers" I say daily. He agreed they sure do work. The valve is apparently not closing.  John, I am happy and grateful to you for your encouragement and I wanted to be sure to tell you. I hope you and your family are well and happy.

”Dear John,
Thank you so very much for taking the time to work with me last week!! My friends have all commented on how rapidly the size of the [thyroid] goiter has diminished!! I am doing my meditations, and feeling great!!
Thank you,

”Dear John,
I just want to thank you so much for helping me heal. On January 4th I found out I had basal cell cancer on my upper right lip. I was told that I would need surgery to have the cancer removed. Then I would probably need plastic surgery. But with your help and my believing we destroyed the cells and I healed nicely. When I returned to my doctor, he was very surprised and told me he must have misread my diagnosis for he couldn't find the basal cell cancer. I told him about John and our healing sessions. He was surprised and told me to keep up the good work. I have no signs of bad cells and my lip looks normal. I thank you so much John for helping me. I keep spreading the word and hopefully other people will follow.
Thank you again and again John!

"...PS. I really would like to express my fullest gratitude and appreciation to JOHN CARROLL from Kingston, N.Y. who is completely devoted to each [person] who needs and asks for his help. He has this very special GIFT from God and he utilizes it, no matter how much time it takes. John is a very special person with a very special gift. Thank you John for everything you did for me...."

”Dear John,
Your whole perspective changes when you awaken the morning and are able to get out of bed without pain-it was a beautiful morning!
For 6 months I have been suffering in pain in my back which spread, in time, to my left leg. John you know, i was x-rayed, had a cat scan, and bone scan. I was about to go through another procedure, injection of a steroid into my back. Fortunately, my friend called me one morning to tell me that you had helped her husband who was also suffering back pain. She suggested that perhaps you could help me also. I am so grateful for that call . I called you immediately and you agreed to see me that same day. I visited your home and talked at some length and then you told me to stand near you. You extended your arms in front and the other behind my body. I felt warmth emanating from your hands. After some length of time and some further emanations you asked how I felt and told me to bend over and touch my toes. I did so, very wearily, and i was able to do it without pain- something I had not been able to or even attempted to do in months. I was still very weary waiting and really expecting the pain to return. Well, it didn't that night, John.
Several days later I was experiencing some pain in the morning, you called me, we talked. You advised me to continue with the imagery you taught me. From that day on I have experienced no pain.
It’s been almost five weeks now since my visit to you, John and still no pain! I’m walking, exercising and cleaning my house again! ( my husband is happy to be relieved of the cleaning chore)
Just “thank you” seems inadequate but I do thank you many times over.
You are truly blessed with a wonderful gift.

"John Carroll M.S. and me

My left foot, paralyzed since I first contracted M.S., has gradually become unparalysed, and even though I still need a leg brace to walk easily, two weeks ago I threw away the cane I’d been dependent on for the past 15 years. I’m confident that sooner or later I will no longer need the leg brace. I still suffer from spasm attacks involving the lower left side of my body but they are not nearly so violent, nor do they last four and five sometimes even 10, hours at a time.


"M.S., John Carroll and me

Healer John Carroll worked intensively on me from October 1999 through March of this year 2000. At first it was on a weekly basis, soon it was bi-weekly. Each session was different from the previous one, and always it was focused specifically on my recovery.

Through John I learned that in my case, multiple sclerosis, from which I’d been suffering for 23 years, was a complex matter involving, not only my physical body, but my mind and my spirituality as well. If any one of those three aspects of my person was out of whack the multiple sclerosis symptoms manifested. Often disastrously.

How did John Carroll effect what I feel has been a radical improvement in my health? First of all through his transference of healing energy into my body. Not through touch, but by framing my afflicted areas with his hands. Sometimes he did it through the phone.

He gave me homework to do. Visualizations to be practiced assiduously three times a day. Again, these were specific to my disease and he saw it manifested in me. As I continued to improve he gave me different visualizations to practice. He taught me how to heal myself.

Were there set-backs? Of course. I’d been suffering from M.S. for 23 years. The set-backs seemed to occur when I lost track of the healing process, when I regressed -- through fear, through resentment, or through a mistaken impression I was perfectly fine now and I took on projects too fraught with tension to accomplish. Sometimes it happened because I was entering a new phase of recovery, a new plateau, which involved new pain while I dissolved the old chrysalis and tried out my new wings.

John Carroll is a brilliant, incredibly generous, loving human being. I am more grateful than I can say to have become a party of his healing circle.

-- HB, 2000"

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