Physician’s Testimonials

”I have been a client of John Carroll for the past 12 years.
I originally came with back issues which healed.
I then came with Lymphoma which has been in control or the past 12 years.
Every appointment involves significant healing and learning.
I feel John can see or feel things that are going on in people’s bodies and can fix many of their problems.
I am a western educated professional and I feel John has a power to heal with the help of God.

”John Carroll is a most capable, worthy and excellent healer of high compassion, integrity and love.“

Gerald Epstein, MD, Author of Healing Visualization

”John is an extraordinary healer whom I have been privileged to know all my life and to work with professionally these last 3 years. His ability to use energy and imagery has changed, as well as saved, the lives of many of my patients. Miracles still do happen (with John’s help).“

Richard Brown, MD, Author of Stop Depression Now

”Dear John:
I am writing this note to thank you for the wonderful work you have done in healing myself and my patients. When I first called you on December 13, 2003, I was in desperate straits. I was hemorrhaging vaginally, due to a large submucosal uterine fibroid. My hematocrit had dropped 10 points, and 2 gynecologists told me I needed a hysterectomy or my blood loss could result in an emergency. I was afraid of bleeding to death, but I did not want to lose my uterus, nor be cut open surgically. You were my last hope. My bleeding was so severe at times I was afraid to move. From the moment I telephoned you to make my first appointment the hemorrhaging stopped. Every time I started hemorrhaging, I called you, and I would feel the transmission of energy to my lower pelvis as the bleeding stopped. This happened at least 6 or 7 times. The most recent time was on May 11, 2004 when I started hemorrhaging vaginally just as I was about to have an ultrasound in my gynecologists office. Dr. Harris told me after seeing the bleeding, that she had to first change into her scrubs in order to treat me. She returned quickly but at this point the hemorrhaging was so severe she told me the procedure couldn’t be done at all. I told Dr. Harris to just give me a minute to call my healer. I grabbed my cell phone from my purse, and while laying on the stretcher with blood pouring out of me, I called you. As soon as I spoke to you I felt a gentle internal pressure contain my anterior pelvis and all the bleeding stopped. My gynecologist was awed. I had no bleeding at all during the test. I learned that I had a large fibroid implanted on the entire anterior wall of the uterus exactly where I felt your healing energies binding me and saving me from further hemorrhaging. As a physician myself, I am awed by your ability to help me stop hemorrhaging every time I call you. In my last episode of bleeding I would have been happy if you could slow my bleeding down gradually to a manageable level. I was amazed that you succeeded in stopping it totally, in the space of a few seconds. In addition to the above, the sessions I had with you in person have not only helped me with my serious gynecological problems, but freed me from a great deal of back pain, which I have been suffering from 15 years due to 3 bulging discs in my back. You also fixed my misaligned jaw and neck such that for the first time in my life I am holding my head up perfectly straight and my posture is a lot better. Before meeting you, my back was consistently getting reinjured and I would end up in great pain from the slightest wrong move. Now I’m not so fragile, and my range of movement in much improved. I was able to stop treatment with my chiropractor and no longer need private yoga lessons to keep flexible, and prevent reinjury. This is the first time in many years that I have had almost no back pain for 7 months (since the first time I spoke to you). In addition I am well enough to attend a regular yoga class and keep up with my classmates. Words can never express my immense gratitude to you for saving me from serious hemorrhaging and years of back pain. Since December I have sent a number of my patients to you for help and everyone has had significant improvement. Here is a summary of some of the results:
1. One of my patients brought her best friend to you (from England) who was terminally ill with metastatic advanced cancer. After 1 session with you a CAT scan done on this woman showed that she was free of all disease.
2. One patient of mine had multiple organic brain impairments due to moderate to severe lacunar infarcts all over her brain causing her to be impaired in visual-spatial orientation, memory, and planning. She was also impulsive, depressed and had impaired judgment, and she complained of feeling unable to think straight and like she was “under a cloud.” After 1 session with you her visual spatial processing improved to the point where she could cross the street unassisted and she no longer needed home health care assistance. After 2 more sessions her mood lifted, she became better organized in her thinking and she said she now feels almost as good as she did before her stroke ever happened.
3. One patient of mine had many years of severe anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He had tried numerous conventional and alternative treatments, years of psychotherapy, and EEG driven biofeedback, but he was still very symptomatic and unhappy. After 1 session with you he was able to stop all psychotherapy, since he felt much better and was free of his constant mental pain. He said he was amazed at how much his lifelong mental problems were alleviated after seeing you only once. In addition to the enormous help you have given me personally, I am very grateful to you for the incredible improvement you have made I the lives of the patients I have referred to you.“

With warm regards,
Sharon Sageman M.D.

”I have known John Carroll for five years, at this time. My relationship with him has been multi-faceted. I have been John’s patient and also have worked with him together to treat dental needs of certain of his clients.
With over 15 years involvement in the world of Holistic Dentistry, there has been ample opportunity for me to meet with other dentists, integrative physicians, naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths and other healers of every possible discipline and dogma. John is distinct from them in every respect.
I could detail the seemingly impossible healings I have witnessed time after time; including the many patients he’s sent to me who’ve been cured of “terminal” cancers that doctors deemed untreatable, as well as those who’ve had chronic pain, arthritis or paralysis cured.
As a dentist I could write at length about the tooth infections I’ve seen cured without surgery, the crooked teeth straightened without braces and the teeth others have deemed hopeless that he’s been able to save. But to do so would be an injustice to him. John does not merely heal diseases he is a channel for miracles.
No two people ever relate having the same experience with John. He does not use memorized protocols or formulas to help relieve suffering. With his powerful intuition, his skills in reading morphology and the incredible gift of his healing touch, John can offer a unique and powerful opportunity for people to heal body, emotions and spirit.
In my own experience working with John I have, in short, been cured of allergies which I’d suffered for years, abdominal pain and spasm in my neck. His recommendations for diet and supplements have always been simple, easy to follow and have contributed greatly to my overall well-being.
In a world where many individuals tout themselves as healers possessing the cures for all diseases, John makes no such claims. He does not use his gifts as a means to seek fame or fortune. He is adamant in his convictions that his talents are merely a conduit for Gods work. His humility, kindness and generosity are a humbling example of what it really means to live in the Higher Self.“

Yours truly,

”January 25, 2004

Dear John,
I have worked with John Carroll for the past few months, he in his role as instructor and healer, and I as a conventionally trained neurological surgeon in private practice. I was referred to John by a dear friend when I asked her council on alternative healing for patients whom modern medicine had failed.
I subsequently visited John … in the fall of 2003 with one of my patients and friend, named Amy, and watched him diagnose her physical and spiritual dysfunction and immediately manifest changes in both her perspective, as well as in her physical ailment.
I witnessed first hand the healing energy John emits from his hands, as well as the physical changes in his countenance, as the Energies working with him transformed him, physically altering and improving Amy’s illness (RSD – reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the right foot). She was able to weight bear and walk on that same foot for the first time, as John worked with her.
I again witnessed John’s incredible abilities directly when my secretary and friend, Lynn, fell into a deep coma with brain stem death, on December 18, 2003. She had suffered a massive heart attack with ensuing hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) of greater then ten minutes duration. She collapsed at the hairdresser’s from a heart attack, but went on to suffer a stroke as no one there knew how to administer life-saving CPR. She went at least ten minutes deprived of sufficient oxygen to her brain, before the emergency services arrived and placed her on life support.
After meeting John …, however, I had an entirely different perspective. As the attending internist and cardiologist left for home, I called John in New York within the hour and he began working with Lynn over the phone, with me at the bedside on the phone with him, following his instructions. By 3 am that morning, Lynn was awake and responsive. I woke up and convinced my colleagues (the internist and the cardiologist who were also managing her care) to agree to allow me to remove the ventilator support and endotracheal tube. They had left Lynn earlier that evening with no hope of any recovery. I informed them hours later of John’s work, and they agreed to trust me to exubate her at 3 in the morning.
Lynn was up, exubated, talking, and eating by 9am that same morning. She went home 10 days later with full recovery of her cognitive function and no neurological deficits. Her heart muscle was severely damaged, however, and she continues to work on that healing while at home, using daily meditations given her by John.
Divine intervention saved her life, through God’s Grace, via the conduit of John Carroll. I can personally testify to this and state that I believe that all life is precious and should be approached as the miracle that it is, in any scenario, with little to no exception. I say this after working as both a private practitioner in neurosurgery and a trauma neurosurgeon for 12 years, one that has seen a great deal of disease and loss of life. My perspective as a healer and as a human being will never be the same again.
I consider it both my great fortune, as well as a divine blessing, to have met John …, and I feel my work as an allopathic (traditional) healer has truly been enriched from my experiences with John. I recommend his work without reservation, and ask that all who encounters him do so with an open heart and mind.“

Sincerely, Pamela Costello, MD

”What needs to be done first, gets handled first. For me, what John did has helped me in my career, to help my patients. It has added an enormous momentum to the help I give my patients. It has shortened the treatments with my clients.
I called John to help me with a patient that was in wrath. John’s impact on the client allowed her to calm down, and I was able to get out of the induction that I was experiencing.
John helped my patient and myself.

EA, M.D.“

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