Workshop Testimonials

”John is simply the very best Healer I know. He has helped me several times fro 2003 on. Any time I can spend time with John, in session or various workshops, is special and rewarding. He helped me beat cancer (from volunteering at the WTC, NYC in 2001: lymphocarcenoma : the oncologists was amazed at how well I tolerated the treatments: I am now cancer free 2 years and Lyme disease free as well) I have recommended him to several others and he also helped me. I would recommend him to anyone.“

Rosalie C. Rossi Phd
Artist, former Art Professor and Art Consultant

“I love this class so much that I have taken it twice! John Carroll is a wise and perceptive teacher of a discipline that one can apply immediately to yourself, your loved ones and, if you are a health professional, your patients. Studying facial morphology, an ancient medical art and spiritual endeavor, helps one to discern optimal diet, exercise and sleep, as well as opening the door to understanding character and temperament. It’s a rewarding way to spend a weekend.”
Joanne Ahola, M.D.

“Wonderfully organized, personally transforming.”
Gerard Vallone, PhD
Retired Philosophy Professor

“Learning Morphology has informed and influenced my practice greatly. I now have a whole new perspective and it helps me to support my client’s road to transformation. Thank you John for imparting this ancient information in a practical way.”
Catherine Anesi, LCSW, RM, CST
Owner and Director of 
The Lighthouse Retreat and Wellness Center

"...I was so impressed by the joy in the faces of my fellow students - they are all saying how happy they were to be there, as was I..."


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