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Morphology (Introduction to)

An introductory workshop about face reading.

Morphology (2 Day Intensive)

A 2-day intensive workshop about face reading, including in depth information about the 12 temperaments & 4 personalities.

Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

A workshop for anyone interested in healing, including new techniques to bring your healing energies to a higher vibration.

How We Become Ill/How We Become Well

An exploration of your body’s own healing power and the use of energy, morphology and imagery in healing.

Crossing Over, Positive Perspectives on Death and Dying

A workshop exploring questions related to transitioning from this life into another realm and how to nourish our own souls and the souls of our loved ones.

Self Acceptance & Letting Go

During this workshop we will learn positive steps we can take to let go of our own self-judgement and past issues. We will focus on forgiving, embracing and accepting ourselves without guilt or self-criticism.

Spirituality & Breath~Body~Mind™

A workshop integrating imagery, visualizations, energy healing, Qigong based movements, breathing techniques and meditation. These tools may help you create peace of mind in your own life.


Any of these workshops can be combined to create a unique experience for your group.

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