“I had been having major problems with my stomach. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The doctors were unable to answer any of my questions. John worked with me. I immediately felt a surge of engergy throughout my body. After my session with John, I was a new person. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal. I continue to work with John over the phone. John guides me and supports my efforts.”
Sandra Burgess, Ph.D.,
Vice Principal, Harlandale Alternative Center

“A blow to the head caused problems with speech and finding my balance. John corrected the problem within moments. I was walking and talking normally. Not only is he effective in person, but he corrected the severe pain from a whiplash on the phone.”
Lydia S. Craigmyle, Ph.D.

The Miracle of Hope
My brother Hope went to the hospital in Africa with a bleeding ulcer sickle cell crisis also just found out he is a diabetic. He was in the hospital and they were giving him blood but it was going right back out his bleeding ulcer, his body was not responding and was in coma. We, all the way in the USA sent our last money for medical bills in hopes but knowing that was all we had we were powerless we had no other option to help our brother. Our good friend gave us John Carroll’s name and number and we called in the evening, John did his amazing visualization-channeling-healing and told us to contact him but that he was ok. When we called him early in the morning his body was not only awake aware and holding blood but he was in no pain from the sickle cell crisis or the bleeding ulcer, we are so thankful and inspired. Yes miracles Happen and John is a wonderful conductor for healing miracles.

The Osadolo Family

Hi John, Here is my testimonial. Thank you for channeling the love of God in healing me spiritually, mentailly, and physically. You saved my life and taught me that the physical body manifests what is not resolved emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. I was in a horrendous car accident in December of 2014 where I was stopped in traffic on a San Diego freeway and rear-ended at about 60 mph. The Neurosurgeons said that I had a rare medical condition with fluid sacs (syrinx), intermitently throughout my spinal chord. Several specialists said that this condition could result in paralysis or even worse, death. I reached out to John at an urgent recommendation from Ellen Tadd, a nationally recognized spiritual teacher. John made room for me in his busy schedule and we began [sic] sessions over the phone once or twice a week for at least an hour at a time. Because I was out of work due to the accident, I had little funding but he did not hesitate to work with me due to the seriousness of my injuries. Through the Grace of God, John worked on my spiritual and emotional healing as well as energetically healing my body, getting the fluid to move freely between my brain and my spinal chord. The healing process was rapid both spiritually and physically. I am thankful to be here today because of John’s ability to channel the love of God in healing others. Words could never express my love and appreciation for your willingness to use your gifts in healing others. John is probably the busiest person I know but always willing to make time to save lives and show people the light. I have stepped into the light thanks to you, John. I wish you a continued life of love, abundance, and happiness.”
Amanda, Blessed mom of 3 beautiful children.

“Because of a slipped disc I could barely move. After 2 hours with him (John), I had no pain. Today (1 month later), I have no pain, no restrictions, no apprehension. John is my guardian angel – I’m convinced he is.”

“I was diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), a very rare disease. There is no known cure. I could not move my fingers, wrist, arm or shoulder and was in excruciating pain. Within a month of the imagery work with John, my shoulder became unfrozen. Two months later, my arm and wrist had much more mobility. The pain level became manageable. Thanks to John, I really have a handle on the RSD. He is physically, spiritually and emotionally helpful to those who work with him.”

“I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia… The night of my healing had a profound effect on me. It was at that time I believed it left my body. I visited my hemotologist, and she informed me that my blood count was normal. She called it a spontaneous remission. I call it a gift I received from God, through John.”

“I had been suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and malaise for over five years. I had been treated by a number of physicians. Unrelated to this problem, I had an inherited hearing loss. I had been wearing hearing aids for 10 years. John worked on me for one session and I spontaneously healed… I no longer wear hearing aids.”
Robert Davis, CAC, NCACII

“I was given 2 months to live after being diagnosed with stomach, colon and prostate cancer and was unable to move due to a tumor in my back and a back injury. After my first session I was able to move freely. After 2 months I am cancer free and able to touch my toes with a little pain and NO pain medication.”

“I was told I had only 3 months to live (diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer), and after years I am still here. This is due to prayers, faith in God and John’s help and guidance with imagery and energy work.”
Roberta: (Lived for 5 and 1/2 more years)

“I have suffered from Endometriosis since I was a teenager. I always knew that my menstrual cycle was not normal because of the terrible pain I would endure each month and the pain increased more and more each year. In my early twenties while at work I fell to the ground with such intense pains that it felt as though someone was stabbing me with a knife. I went to the hospital and they scheduled an appointment for me with a specialist. The doctor suggested that I get a surgical procedure called a Laparoscopy because he could feel abnormal growths inside my abdomen while doing an internal exam.
After having the first surgery they found that I had severe Endometriosis and needed a more invasive surgery to remove the growths and lesions. I was told that if they did the exploratory surgery they could “cure” my condition. Since that first surgery I had two more invasive surgeries where they made an incision from my belly button to my pubic area, one of those surgeries was a hysterectomy. At that point they said there was no way the Endometriosis could come back. I have had to have at least 6-8 more surgeries to remove lesions and had been in intense pain the entire time.
In the year 2000 I had another surgery to remove the lesions. When the pain came back in 2003 I went to John Carroll, I had had enough of the conventional medicine that never helped. He spent hours on me healing my body. I felt a difference almost immediately. John gave me self guided healing imagery to do 3 times a day for a month, then after that just when needed. It is now almost 2014 and I have no more gut wrenching pains and haven’t had another surgery since the last one in 2000. I don’t know how John does what he does but it works!!!! Thank you so much John Carroll for giving a better quality of life.”


“I have suffered from vertigo or dizziness for better then a year. I have made at least 10 visits to doctors and spent at least $2000 with no results. About 2 weeks ago I was finishing work when I told John Carroll about my problem. He worked with me for about 15 minutes and I can truthfully say I haven’t had a feeling of dizziness since.”
George G.

“To whom it may concern:
This is my testimony of my healing experience with John Carroll, a healer and educator I have come to know and respect.
I had been suffering from chronic fatigue and malaise for over five years. Doctors diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I had been treated by a number of physicians including a renouned expert who devoted his career to treating this illness. Too some degree these doctors helped me, but I still only had the energy of one 20 to 30 years older then me. Unrelated to this problem with my health I had a hearing loss which was inherited; my father was deaf, and I had been wearing hearing aids for about ten years.
I went to John for help. I figured I had tried about everything and had nothing to loose. It turned out I did have something to lose; my illness. John worked with me for one session and I spontaneously healed. I also got an unsuspected as well as unsolicited bonus from this healing; I no longer need to wear hearing aids.
This is my experience with John Carroll. I hope this testimonial is of help to you.”