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John's Work With Tumors

Dear John,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to work with me last week!! My friends have all commented on how rapidly the size of the goiter has diminished!! I am doing my meditations, and feeling great!!


Thank you, Karen

My sister’s friend called up my sister three days after my mom was diagnosed with a very large tumor. That is how we first heard about John Carroll and his incredible gift to heal. The night my mom was in the hospital after an eight hour operation, and doctors not removing the tumor and closing her back up my sister and I had our first in lighting experience with John Carroll. When we went into a room sat in a pyramid the three of us John at the head. As my sister and I put our hands up in front of us John gave us with his hands an unbelievable amount of healing energy. It was passed through our hands. We worked on my mom for about 45 minutes that night. After leaving the room about ten minutes later my cell phone rang. It was my ten year old son asking me when I was coming home because Grandpa called and said Grandma was sitting up in her hospital bed eating, and the tubes had been removed, about thirty minutes ago. This my friends was the beginning of me seeing my first miracle. A few months later the doctors were all scratching their heads telling my father that they don’t know what happened but my mom’s tumor had shrunk. They said they never saw anything like it. Some of my moms doctors in Florida are asking if they could find out more about this healer named John Carroll……….

Thank you for your interest and time in reading this.
Pam D.

To Whom It May Concern:

I was taken off an Amtrack train in severe pain, later diagnosed at the ER as a 5.6cm ovarian cyst. I was told invasive surgery was required due to the size of the cyst and that laparoscopy was not an option. While waiting in the ER I called John Carroll. From my past experience with him I was sure he would have another option. John started me on an imagery exercise where I imagined myself going into my body through the belly button and finding the cyst. I was to shine a blue laser light on the cyst until it started to melt away. When I experienced it gone I would then shine the light on the surrounding tissues to heal them as well, thank god and open my eyes. I did this exercise morning and night. I could really feel my body responding physically to the imagery. I also took some natural progesterone prescribed by the doctor to facilitate the shrinking of the cyst. The combination of these two caused the large cyst to completely disappear within 6 weeks, against all odds. What was interesting about this exercise was that each time I went in through the belly button to locate the cyst it had shrunk. After a week I had sensed that it had shrunk to the size of a walnut. In another week I had sensed it was gone. I would shine the light on the surrounding area anyway and completed the 21 day cycle. I went to have an ultrasound to check its status. I "knew" on a sensory level it was gone, and I kept my fingers crossed. The radiologist was astonished as it had completely disappeared. He said he had never seen a cyst this size disappear on it own. My doctor at NYU who had been highly skeptical of my chosen approach called me when he got the results wanting to know exactly what I had done. We talked for 20 minutes, and I must say I was impressed with him for asking and being so interested.

Overall, I can say that John Carroll amazes me. I really believe in the power of imagery and would choose it as my preferred course of treatment for any medical condition over drugs or surgery. Not only is it non-invasive and better for a person, but it is self-empowering because one does it oneself. I also am fascinated by the role of energy in health and life. Now that I have opened my awareness to energy, thanks initially to working with Jon Carroll, I am still learning, but with wide-eyes and open senses am coming to experience the powerful force that it is in all encounters, attitudes and beliefs. In my journey to health I have sought out all kinds of alternative practitioners and John Carroll clearly stands out from the pack. His energy work is amazing and effective, and combined with extensive training and experience in imagery, including his uncanny ability to intuit the appropriate imagery exercises for each person, he offers a powerful combo of education, self-healing and energy-clearing the likes of which I have never encountered.

Sincerely, Camilla R.