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Multiple Sclerosis

Healer John Carroll worked intensively on me from October 1999 through March of this year 2000. At first it was on a weekly basis, soon it was bi-weekly. Each session was different from the previous one, and always it was focused specifically on my recovery.

Through John I learned that in my case, multiple sclerosis, from which I'd been suffering for 23 years, was a complex matter involving, not only my physical body, but my mind and my spirituality as well. If any one of these three aspects of my person was out of whack the multiple sclerosis symptoms manifested. Often disastrously.

How did John Carroll effect what I feel has been a radical improvement in my health? First of all through his transference of healing energy into my body. Not through touch, but by framing my afflicted areas with his hands. Sometimes he did it through the phone.

He gave me homework to do. Visualizations to be practiced assiduously three times a day. Again, these were specific to my disease as he saw it manifested in me. As I continued to improve he gave me different visualizations to practice. He taught me how to heal myself.

Were there set-backs? Of course. I'd been suffering from ms for 23 years. The set-backs seemed to occur when I lost track of the healing process, when I regressed - through fear, through resentment, or through mistaken impression I was perfectly fine now and I took on projects too fraught with tension to accomplish. Sometimes it happened because I was entering a new phase of recovery, a new plateau, which involved new pain while I dissolved the old chrysalis and tried out my new wings.

John Carroll is a brilliant, incredibly generous, loving human being. I am more grateful that I can say to have become part of his healing circle.

Holly B.