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John's Work With Knee and Hip Conditions

Dear John,

Angel, This is to report ongoing comfort in knees and other areas you “laid hands” near – with my ongoing gratitude! Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me. I will always be grateful to God for your role in my life.

Love, Father George

Dear John,

When I came to you six months ago, my body was full of pain: back, hip, and knee, left shoulder – I felt like a big blob of suffering. I remember what it was like, after our second session, rising from the chair with no backache, putting weight on the right knee without it going out on me, raising my left arm without it getting stuck at the shoulder. You did more than make the pains go away, John. You enabled me to seek out alternative methods of healing my entire body – not just the parts that seemed to hurt the most. I thank God for you every day, John. You gave me back my life.

All the best, Ricky

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