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Gastro/Stomach Problems

I first met John while I was in upstate New York in the summer of 1998. My sister-in-law told me about John. I was intrigued by what I heard and asked her to schedule a meeting.

The following morning I was by the pool at my sister-in-laws house when John came up to me. I knew who he was. He asked me what was going on. I explained to John that I had been having major problems with my stomach. I had been to several doctors and not one could diagnose the problem. The problems became so severe that I underwent emergency exploratory surgery. The doctors found nothing wrong with me except that I had a liter of bacteria inside the lining of my stomach. The surgeon removed my appendix because it looked somewhat bad. I asked my family doctor and the surgeon why, when and could this condition reoccur? The doctors were unable to answer any of my questions and my stomach problems continued. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor gave me medications for the high blood pressure, cholesterol, the continuous bloating and irregularity, and gasses. My family doctor also told me about a study for gastrointestinal problems. I enrolled in the study, took some unknown medication for about 3 months, and called a phone bank regularly regarding my bowel movements. I participated out of desperation; maybe, I thought, this is the miracle drug that will cure all. The problem continued despite the medication and regular calls.

That morning in August by the pool, John worked with me. He explained to me that I would be feeling some movement in my stomach and back. He asked me to sit down with my feet on the ground and my arms resting by my side. He worked with me using imagery while explaining the power of prayer. I immediately felt a surge of energy throughout my body. I felt his hands gently massaging the inside of my stomach. My stomach relaxed. He asked me to stand and raise my arms; I felt him work on my back. He explained what he felt and saw inside of me. He talked to me about loving relationships, inner quiet, value systems, trials and tribulations, and about denial. He advised me to respect every person's point of view. He told me never to sacrifice myself on the alter for someone else's needs and to live each day, one day at a time. "Do not deny heart and gut feelings. What we see in another is part or reflection of ourselves." I felt peace. I heard only his voice and understood his message. An hour went by; then two hours went by and we clicked. We were working together to heal me.

After my session with John I was a new person. People who had known me for a while commented that there was something different. No one could pinpoint what it was but they definitely noticed a change. They explained to me that I was a new person with a new personality. They all complimented me for the positive change. Also I am no longer taking any medication. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal.

I continue to work with John over the phone after our initial session in New York. I call him when my stomach reacts because of tribulations in my life. He continues to teach me to thank my stomach for alerting me. I am still practicing on taking one day at a time. I need to constantly remind myself to not make demands on myself and not to sacrifice myself for the needs of others.

My latest work with John is interesting. I was in a car wreck on January 23, 1999. I contacted my lawyer who sent me to a doctor. The doctor automatically ordered some ultrasound therapy and massage sessions. I underwent three sessions. I soon noticed that my back was hurting more and my stomach was becoming very bloated and irritated. I looked like I was seven or eight months pregnant. I was also drinking 12 to 14 glasses of water a day.

I called John. He helped me realize that I was working with energy outside of me. My body was short circuiting. We worked on the phone for about 40 minutes and immediately I felt my stomach relaxing. Through imagery I began to know and to understand. Within 15 minutes I felt like a new person. I experienced the inner quiet he had taught me while working with him in New York.

The next day individuals, young and old, kept commenting to me that I looked so much better. They told me I was a new person. I remembered I had heard these comments from individuals during my visit in New York.

I call John because he guides me. He is a constant reminder, a vehicle, who channels your energy. He brings me peace and adjusts my energy flow. John guides me and supports my efforts. He is my support group.

Sandra Burgess Ph.D.

This is my testimonial of how John Carroll helped me with the painful experience of passing a kidney stone.

An excruciating pain and pressure in my lower abdominal area sent me rushing to my doctor. I was told I was passing a kidney stone and given a powerful painkiller. I was sent home to wait out the passage of the stone. I immediately called John for help. He had helped me with a much more serious problem in the past and I had confidence in him. I believe my healing started during our phone contact (he talked and I tried to listen). Through a technique I don't much understand he was able to accelerate the passage of my stone. This was amazingly done over the phone. He then gave me a special imagery to do on my own every two hours. The stone passed the next morning. The pain was gone and a follow up ultrasound showed no signs of other stones.The stone I passed was tested and determined to be a common type.

John Carroll also helped me understand what this painful experience was trying to help me see about my life. Now I am grateful to John Carroll and the kidney stone.