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Testimonials From Endometriosis Patients

I have suffered from Endometriosis since I was a teenager. I always knew that my menstrual cycle was not normal because of the terrible pain I would endure each month and the pain increased more and more each year. In my early twenties while at work I fell to the ground with such intense pains that it felt as though someone was stabbing me with a knife. I went to the hospital and they scheduled an appointment for me with a specialist. The doctor suggested that I get a surgical procedure called a Laparoscopy because he could feel abnormal growths inside my abdomen while doing an internal exam.

After having the first surgery they found that I had severe Endometriosis and needed a more invasive surgery to remove the growths and lesions. I was told that if they did the exploratory surgery they could “cure” my condition. Since that first surgery I had two more invasive surgeries where they made an incision from my belly button to my pubic area, one of those surgeries was a hysterectomy. At that point they said there was no way the Endometriosis could come back. I have had to have at least 6-8 more surgeries to remove lesions and had been in intense pain the entire time.

In the year 2000 I had another surgery to remove the lesions. When the pain came back in 2003 I went to John Carroll, I had had enough of the conventional medicine that never helped. He spent hours on me healing my body. I felt a difference almost immediately. John gave me self guided healing imagery to do 3 times a day for a month, then after that just when needed. It is now almost 2014 and I have no more gut wrenching pains and haven’t had another surgery since the last one in 2000. I don’t know how John does what he does but it works!!!!

Thank you so much John Carroll for giving a better quality of life.

Anne Muller

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