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The Conduit That Is: John Carroll

Leah's Story~

As soon as John walked into the hospital room things started to change for the better. John and Donna Marie found my daughters' picture in their mail box. It was New Years Eve 2002. My brother put her picture in his mailbox with a desperate cry for help. Leah hit a tree in a Honda civic on November 20, 2001. When the ambulance arrived on the scene Leah was breathless and lifeless. Her skull was fractured in three places her lungs were collapsed. The paramedics worked on her to resuscitate her. Her trachea had shifted in the accident so when they attempted to give her a tracheostomy, her esophagus was nicked, leaving an air pocket around her heart. Leah was taken to Westchester Medical Center in a medivac helicopter.

When my husband and I arrived in the emergency room the doctor told me do not get my hopes up because Leah's injuries were so severe that he believed she couldn't survive the night. We had been praying between the tears since we got the news. Leah was in a coma and unable to breath. The noise from the hospital equipment was scary. Over a month had gone by, the doctors told me that if Leah did survive she would never speak or walk. Blue Cross Blue Shield told me that Leah was not a candidate for rehabilitation and I should seek placement in a nursing home for my sixteen year old daughter. That was the same day that John Carroll arrived.

Standing in her doorway not even in her room yet he turned to me and said "you have nothing to worry about, this child is well protected, there is a golden light all over her as well as two angels and three spirits." John and Donna Marie got closer to Leah and started to pray over her. Just as they began to pray the social worker came in with his jacket to leave for the day to leave for the day and said "The strangest thing has happened , I got instructions to transport Leah to Helen Hayes hospital tomorrow." He added "I have never had to transfer anyone to rehabilitation on a holiday but she will be leaving at 10:30 tomorrow morning." Leah, still in a coma but on her way to the rehabilitation center of my choice. The next day the ambulance arrived and Leah was taken to Helen Hayes Hospital. John and Donna Marie worked with Leah almost daily with miracles happening all around us.

John and Donna Marie accompanied my family and I as we took Leah to a stigmatic priest Father Zlatco
Zudac from Croatia. Leah started to speak full sentences that day. Leah was discharged into my care on Good Friday 2002. Leah's recovery is nothing short of a miracle. She walks and sings and goes to college. Leah is on the dean's list this her first semester 2005. Healing hands are a special gift from God. There is no doubt in my mind that Leah had divine intervention and John Carroll is one of the conduits through which God worked.




April 4th 2009,


Many years ago I had bulging disks in my neck and the bone spurs were cutting my spinal cords. The doctors scheduled me for surgery and told me that it was possible that I would never walk again. John worked with me and not only was my surgery cancelled…. I no longer had bulging disks or bone spurs! Through John's God given powers I was completely healed.

On February 12th 2009 I had a stroke and went into a Coma. I was on Life Support for eight days. The doctors told my wife if I live 24 hours it would be a miracle. The doctors told my wife Dorie to prepare herself because they felt there was no way possible I would live through the night.

My wife Dorie called my sister, Shirley who lives in West Palm Beach Florida and told her if she wanted to see me alive she should come to New York immediately. My sister then called the doctor to find out how serious my condition was and the doctor told her, even if she leaves immediately, there would be very little chance that I would be alive when she arrived in New York.

Dorie called John and he rushed to the hospital to save my life. John worked with me for hours each day. He came to the hospital in the mornings, he came to the hospital in the evenings, and he came in the middle of the night.

Because of John I woke up from my Coma and there was no sign of a Stroke and I have no Paralysis. Not only did John save my life…it is as if I did not ever have a Stroke, was in a Coma, or on Life Support. I am fully recovered.

There are not enough words or money in the world that could ever repay John for saving my life. All I can say is THANK YOU JOHN for being a very important part of my life.