Testimonials About Children

They say it’s always darkest before dawn. We had some pretty dark days during he summer of 2005. I will do my best o recount what took place and I’m here to tell all of you that miracles do happen. The good news is, this one happened when we needed it to.

My name is Ed Levine. I am married with two daughters. My youngest daughter, Amanda, is physically challenged having cerebral palsy along with a developmental mental delay. She uses a wheelchair but can walk with the aid of a walker for short distances. She is very sweet, caring, considerate young girl with a wonderful personality and a genuine pleasure to be with and talk to although understanding her can be a bit of a challenge. That has gotten better through the years. She enjoys being outside in the warm weather, going to baseball games and riding her adaptive bicycle. She also very much enjoys swimming in the pool because that puts her on a level on a playing field with most other kids.

On Saturday in July of 2005 we had a family party and had a small group of guests, both family and friends at our home to enjoy the swimming pool and the beautiful July day. This is really where my story starts.

Amanda came out of the pool after swimming for a while and complained of a headache. We wrapped her up to keep warm, gave her some water and a children’s Tylenol, asked her if she was hungry or thirsty. She drank a little and she said she felt sick. Then she cried out and said started crying out loudly, we took her inside to lye down but something was just not right. She started drifting and basically slowly passed out. As parents we were beside ourselves, called 911 and the ambulance took her to our nearby hospital. There she stayed for a few hours, not conscious more like in a coma state. Cat scans were done along with other tests. They had no answers for us. I then had her moved to Sony Brook trauma center, as it was a much better equipped hospital. There is nothing worse than seeing your lie child lifeless and being able to do nothing about it. After many tests, MRI, MRA, CT scans and numerous blood work ups, it was determined she had a series of micro strokes, tiny little strokes all over her brain. These were visible on her MRI and MRA scans. Her brain was in distress and seizing and therefore she was unconscious. There was our child, laying there in a coma like state and all the doctors had no good answers for us on anything. We had many doctors as Amanda has had many in he past. We got all of them involved and consulting on this case. NYU Medical center, shriners, North Shore, just to name a few. As we thought, top, top doctors. No one had any answers for us. Ten days passed and sill no change. My wife and I never left that room as we alternated staying with her by her side. Not knowing what to do, we talked to everyone we were close to, to think outside the box “so to speak”. We found John Carroll through my sister. She knew of a girl who had a son that was healed by John. I got in touch with John and that night me being next to her in the hospital and John, over the phone mind you, started working. That was about 11pm at night. The next morning Amanda opened her eyes. She drifted in and out that first day but we were very encouraged to say the least. The next morning she was able to move her left side of her body. There was nothing on he right and no speech. Just her looking at us with a stare that would melt an iceberg as if to say, what happened to me and why can’t I move or talk. Talking about ripping your heart out. Another 2 nights of working with her by phone and on the third day, we sat her up and propped her with pillows so she wouldn’t tip and gave her food for the first time in two weeks. While my sister was giving her some vanilla pudding, Amanda was smiling and liking he pudding very much. She then said MORE. Well, we had a pretty big group in he room at the time, totally against hospital rules but hey were very good like that. A roar came out of that room and everyone came running in o see the miracle that took place or should I say part on. John worked with her every day and the part two is nothing short of another miracle. Another MRI and MRA were taken of Amanda’s brain. From what I understand, strokes leave scars behind, yes he body can recover using other paths of blood flow but the evidence still remains. The strokes had vanished from her brain. The doctors were dumbfounded. They repeated the tests again and yes there is no damage. We continued working with John for quite some time.
I’m happy to tell you Amanda regained the use of her right side, the ability to speak and came all the way back to her normal. She enjoys the pool, baseball games and she grabs life and, o he best of her ability, all hat life has to offer
I now know and firmly believe there are certain people in this world that possess a gift. Whether a gift of God or faith or something deeper we may never know or if you believe, and truly have faith, you will realize, you have always known and just forgot for a while.

Noah’s Story~

My son Noah was very, very ill and in the hospital for almost 1 month, and sick for two months before that. He then had a life altering experience that affected my whole family.

Noah had pneumonia that had walled itself into a cyst in his lungs. He was not properly diagnosed because he kept complaining of a tummy ache. We were told at first by the doctors that he had a stomach virus. When they finally realized that he had pneumonia it was already a cyst. He had 104 fevers every night and wasn’t eating. He ended up at Stoney Brook Hospital. Teams of doctors worked with us to practice their medicine trying one drug after another. Finally after spending 1 month in the hospital and taking the strongest drugs, they sent us home. Noah had a port inserted in his chest and I gave him two drugs through that port for four hours per day. It was scary, overwhelming, and draining process that my husband and three other children had to go through. The suffering that Noah endured with tests after tests, poking, and the prodding to his little body were horrible. And they were to no avail.

Had I been smarter I would have called John Carroll sooner! One night after the full three months of medical treatment Noah’s temperature spiked to 104 degrees. I had finally had enough! He was lethargic and pleading for me to do something. I did, I called John. He did the most amazing thing over the phone. He took Noah’s fever and transferred it to me. As Noah got cooler I got hotter. I didn’t know what happening until John was told me that my fever would disappear within a short time, and it did. Noah felt better and I was so relieved.

The next day we brought Noah to see John Carroll in person. John worked on him, prayed over him, and healed him with the help of a friend that was there with him. He enlisted Noah and my help too as he gave us imagery to do when we thought of it. We trusted in John’s power through faith, and knew Noah would be healed, and of course he was. We also got physical proof from the doctors.

The day before Noah saw John he had an x-ray of his chest. The cyst had not gotten one centimeter smaller since his medical treatment had begun. The week after his visit with John I made the doctors take another one. And just as we trusted, the cyst had entirely disappeared! The doctor said it was a miracle – we know it, that it was God’s power and love working through John. What Grace!

Since that time we have been to see John for many issues. John healed my marriage in just one session. He healed my son’s arm, a tear in the rotator cuff. He healed my husbands hand; it was a pinched nerve in the shoulder. He even cast out an evil entity that came into the life of my son and his friend.

I am here to see John today because I need help reducing my stress, my weight, and lowering my blood pressure. I know that John will help me. I recommend John to everyone that is ill or struggling in their life.

Miracles do happen! The biggest miracle in my life has been meeting John Carroll.

Celeste Devaney

Matt’s Story~

When our son Matt was injured in a work related fall my wife and enlisted the prayer support of many friends and family who in turn enlisted the support of others. A huge network of prayer was created.

Matt had sustained a severe traumatic head injury, a break in the C6 of the neck, a fractured wrist, and chest contusions. Hs skull was fractured resulting in blood clotting and internal bleeding, and a shift had occurred in his brain. After the operation on his skull we were told by the neurosurgeon that “he had done all he could. He was now in God’s hands.” His injury was life threatening and the next few days would be crucial.

Matt was heavily sedated to reduce brain swelling. Two days later we received an urgent call that his vital signs were not good and the situation was very critical. We thought we were losing him and once again enlisted prayer. Through prayer and the work of capable doctors and nurses the situation was stabilized.

Soon after, the doctor asked that we okay a tracheotomy to be scheduled the following Thursday. During that first week, as we waited for the day of the procedure, it seemed as if time were standing still. We spent countless hours at Matt’s bed side and never saw him budge or move a muscle, other than the movement of his chest as the ventilator did his breathing. His eyes remained closed, black and blue, his head and face swollen. No encouragement or hope was offered. Each day was slow, and we never knew what challenges he would be facing. It was a roller coaster of emotion.

That Wednesday, seven days after the accident and one day before the scheduled tracheotomy, Matt still had not moved or shown any signs of response. We sat at home that evening, waiting, when the phone rang. It was a friend who gave my wife the phone number of a spiritual healer.

“I don’t know how you feel about this, but this man has had a lot of success. You may want to give him a call.”

At the time it was around 10:00 PM and thought that maybe we should call the following day. We looked at each other again and said, “Let’s call now.” The decision to call was one of the best decisions we ever made. John did not say to call back, but rather asked about Matt. He … began at that moment to pray and to spiritually tune into Matt. They gave us much hope and were beginning to bring a new infusion of Gods energy into this situation. We must have been on the phone for more than an hour. Time was of no concern to them.

John … came to the hospital the very next day; the day matt was scheduled for the tracheotomy. We prayed in the chapel at the time we thought the procedure would be taking place. They left and went back to the floor to check on Matt, I was surprised to find that the doctor had cancelled the procedure as Matt’s basic responses were too low. At the time I didn’t understand what this meant.

John … returned that night to see Matt for the first time. They began to pray and to work with him. They sensed his strong will and desire to come back and to wake from his coma. Then John began to talk with Matt.

“If you can hear me Matt, flare your nostrils.” He did. That was the very first movement we had seen from Matt since he had gone to CCU seven and a half days earlier.

“Matt can you move your toes.” He did ever so slightly. “Your father is holding your hand, can you squeeze his finger?” He did.