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Testimonials From Cancer Patients

I was diagnosed with a tumor in my arm. Then they removed it successfully thru surgery. They did a catscan and it had travelled thru to my lungs. Then they put me on chemo 3x's for 3 months. Tried 3 different kinds of chemo, each month they changed it. At the third one the catscan said it spread out into my bones. Then she said I could do one more session.

Then I broke my shoulder. Went back in and she said if you don't do this next session you be dead in 3 weeks or less. They told my wife to do the funeral arrangements while we still can. I was going to be hospitalized because it was in the bones.

Then I went to see the healer. First thing he did was put his hands over my shoulders. I could feel the bone melting back together. Then he told me to lift my arm over my shoulder, it went straight up like it was never broken. Then he started on my lungs, I couldn't breathe hardly. I was grasping for air. Then he did the healing on the lungs and I could feel the cancer coming right out of me and I could breathe again.

I went back to the doctor. Did a catscan , said keep doing what your doing its working. She said you're proving me wrong, keep doing what you're doing. Catscan said all the other tumors were gone. There was just one, on the airway and nodules. Doctor again said, I don't like to admit it but its working. I feel 100% better.

Thank you God and John,

Kevin Manning 12/10/2011

Two years ago I was diagnosed with the most dangerous form of melanoma, mucosal melanoma. The tumor was surgically removed, followed up with six months of chemotherapy and 30 sessions of radiation. This year, in July, I was once again diagnosed with the same melanoma. I was scheduled for surgery on September 27th. I saw John on September 26th. Yesterday, one week later, I saw the surgeon for the follow up visit. He came into the room and told me what I could not believe. He said that the tumor that was removed had no cancer in it-none, nothing at all.


Dear John,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you my sincere thanks for all that you have done for me. Your genuine concern for people still amazes me. I so much have appreciated the time and loving attention you gave me the night of the healing, and subsequently later when I needed to contact you on another matter. You never hesitated to help me once again. Your availability and willingness to be there is remarkable. When I visited you in May 1997, I had no idea what to expect. I did however come with an open mind and heart. To back track a little, in 1989 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. A disease fortunately for me, that did not require medical treatment, but did however require blood tests on a regular basis. I did read somewhere that it took approximately ten years before it became active. That time was quickly approaching. The night of the healing had a profound effect on me. At one point I actually observed my disease on your face. It was at that time I believed it left my body. Some time later I visited my hematologist, and she informed me that my blood count was normal. She called it spontaneous remission. I called it a gift I received from God through you. John, quite frankly, I still cannot believe myself sometimes. But I do have my medical records to confirm it. Once again, my sincerest thanks for your help and healing.

God Bless,


When I first saw John in March I had been diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized to the spine and lung. I was in pain and had swelling of my liver and various organs, and was using oxygen to help me breath. I had decided that euthanasia was the answer and had already spoken to the doctor about it before I saw John. His amazing healing turned everything around. I no longer needed oxygen, no longer had any pain and the occasional swelling of organs was and is kept under control by him. John is no ordinary person – the warmth and love he exudes is surpassed only by his rare healing abilities.


I began seeing John Carroll in Jan. 1996. I had been diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer in May 1994. I had been told at the time that I would probably live only 3 months. I began treatment with autologous vaccine and after that failed I tried a trial of chemotherapy which just seemed to exacerbate my problems. The treatments caused my platelet count to drop. As a result of this plus metastasis of the cancer to the small intestine, I began to have extreme intestinal bleeding. The evening that John and I first started working together, I was still receiving blood transfusions. John spent about 3 hrs doing guided imagery, prayer and energy work. That evening I experienced insights into my problems, increased immense hope and well being. After John had left, I believe I saw him once or twice during the night at my bedside. The next day the doctor who had no idea how to treat me, decided to start radiation therapy. I continued to do the imagery that John and I had worked on the night before. The bleeding began to subside the next day and I was discharged in a few days. Since my discharge, the bleeding has stopped completely and I have gradually regained my strength. I am able to do some housework and laundry and also have recently started exercising i.e., walking, roller skating and lifting light weights. I am grateful to God and to John for each day and continue to get stronger.


I would like to start off with how John Carroll has changed my life. Not only is John a good friend but a wonderful healer. And he gave me my movement back. I am a 47 year old female who had an auto accident yrs. ago. I support my two children Keira and Dorian.

I have had every type of therapy, and pain medicine offered nothing helped. I went from doctor to doctor. Stony Brook Hospital told me that they could only get me back to 60% movement. Since I met John Carroll and he worked on me, I have 98% to 100% movement. I never thought I would ride a horse again or run. I can do both. The two hernias in my lower back and my neck do not get in my way anymore. John has helped me in many ways.

When I first went to one of Johns workshops, I could not believe what I saw. I was shocked he healed many people. John asked me to stand up; he saw I was in pain just sitting. I did and he started to move his hands all over my back. Not touching me but just healing energy coming from his hands. In a few minutes the pain started to go away. He gave me some imagery work to do on my own to do everyday. I saw with my own eyes when John worked on other people, how they healed, or felt better. One night I saw a white light that came from the inner part of his hands, as he was healing a woman’s leg. Another thing that John helped me with was problems I had with a very abusive ex husband. We have worked on that a little.

John has worked with me many times in the past getting me through very hard relationships and depression. These very dark times is when either I call John or he reads my mind and picks up the phone and helps me through it. He does most of his work over the phone. In the eight months of knowing John he has shown my sister and I, and I think that I can speak for her, that miracles really do happen. I have seen with my own eyes John heal over 100 people. I have seen an ora around his hands as he worked on others. I have brought many friends in pain one way or another to be healed by John. I think it is a great honor to have him as a friend and our healer. I will ad this because if I don’t John will correct me as he has in the past many times. It is not John who heals it is God and the blessed mother who gave John this gift and works through him. So I always say John and friends, or John and company. He does not want us to forget who has given him this gift. He is a very special man, and John we all thank you for sharing your gift. John Carroll is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met in my life. He can take me from a very dark place and bring me into laughter and sunshine. My sister’s friend called up my sister three days after my mom was diagnosed with a very large tumor.

That is how we first heard about John Carroll and his incredible gift to heal. The night my mom was in the hospital after an eight hour operation, and doctors not removing the tumor and closing her back up my sister and I had our first in lighting experience with John Carroll. When we went into a room sat in a pyramid the three of us John at the head. As my sister and I put our hands up in front of us John gave us with his hands an unbelievable amount of healing energy. It was passed through our hands. We worked on my mom for about 45 minutes that night. After leaving the room about ten minutes later my cell phone rang. It was my ten year old son asking me when I was coming home because Grandpa called and said Grandma was sitting up in her hospital bed eating, and the tubes had been removed, about thirty minutes ago. This my friends was the beginning of me seeing my first miracle. A few months later the doctors were all scratching their heads telling my father that they don’t know what happened but my mom’s tumor had shrunk. They said they never saw anything like it. Some of my moms doctors in Florida are asking if they could find out more about this healer named John Carroll……….

Thank you for your interest and time in reading this.

Pam D.

Case History: Alice Ehrsam

1983 Discovery of Cancer of the right breast, mastectomy followed, no radiation no chemo 1988 Pain in the lower back, check-up at Sloan-Kettering Biopsy of spine, malignant tumor, radiation with a total of 4500 rads

1993 Relapse, metastasis of the breast cancer in the spine, received Tomaxofen for the next two years

1996 April - New relapse, very serious, with incredible pains. MRI, large metastatic mass on T 12, as well as metastatic destruction of L 3, CEA - 84.3

June - Check-up at Sloan-Kettering, metastasis confirmed, nothing can be done except painkillers. I took 30 mg of Morphine, twice a day, plus Percocet 2-3-4 times daily.

Sept. - I called John Carroll, whose name was given to me by a neighbor. How lucky I was, because I had no more place to go medically. And the pain was almost uncontrollable even with the painkillers. For days and weeks I could not get out of bed, I literally could not function anymore. John started to work with me, he gave me hope. He advised me and introduced me to VISUALIZATION and IMAGERY, what I call spiritual and mental exercises. Each exercise takes only 2-3 min. with 3 deep inhalations first and then the particular visualization - using all 5 senses, to cleanse your mind, with God or a higher being in mind, the same exercise for 21 days. Here I would like to suggest to read : "Healing into Immortality" by Dr. Gerald Epstein.

Oct. - I joined one group-session in John's house with 4 or 5 other people. John explained the whole concept to all of us all day long. For me it was like cleansing the soul and opening up "blockages". We all got in touch with our "locked-up" inner feelings.

Dec. - I kept up very conscientiously with my visualization, daily, I was slowly getting better, less pain, but still weak and easily tiring and pains in the lower back. Another medical check-up, the Dr. wanted me to go on Chemo but I refused. The blood test showed still an increase in the CEA to 107.


Feb. - Continue with visualization and imagery. Pains decrease more and more. By now we are mentally "rebuilding" my collapsed vertebrae with "shark cartilage", to strengthen the back. April - A medical exam and a blood test (CEA - 84.3) proof that I have really stabilized. Right now I am still working on my back to get stronger. I stopped with my Percocet totally. I am also reducing my Morphine to 1 tablet every other day and hope to get off altogether soon. There is no doubt in m y mind that I will continue with my "mental and spiritual" exercises.

PS. I really would like to express my fullest gratitude and appreciation to JOHN CARROLL from Kingston, N.Y. who is completely devoted to each patient who needs and asks for his help. He has this very special GIFT from God and he utilizes it, no matter how much time it takes. John is a very special person with a very special gift. Thank you John for everything you did for me.

Dear John,

I just want to thank you so much for helping me heal. On January 4th I found out I had basal cell cancer on my upper right lip. I was told that I would need surgery to have the cancer removed. Then I would probably need plastic surgery. But with your help and my believing we destroyed the cells and I healed nicely. When I returned to my doctor, he was very surprised and told me he must have misread my diagnosis for he couldn't find the basal cell cancer. I told him about John and our healing sessions. He was surprised and told me to keep up the good work. I have no signs of bad cells and my lip looks normal. I thank you so much John for helping me. I keep spreading the word and hopefully other people will follow.

Thank you again and again John!

Sincerely, Stephen F.

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