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John's Work With Back and Neck Injuries

April 4th 2009,


Many years ago I had bulging disks in my neck and the bone spurs were cutting my spinal cords. The doctors scheduled me for surgery and told me that it was possible that I would never walk again. John worked with me and not only was my surgery cancelled…. I no longer had bulging disks or bone spurs! Through John's God given powers I was completely healed.

On February 12th 2009 I had a stroke and went into a Coma. I was on Life Support for eight days. The doctors told my wife if I live 24 hours it would be a miracle. The doctors told my wife Dorie to prepare herself because they felt there was no way possible I would live through the night.

My wife Dorie called my sister, Shirley who lives in West Palm Beach Florida and told her if she wanted to see me alive she should come to New York immediately. My sister then called the doctor to find out how serious my condition was and the doctor told her, even if she leaves immediately, there would be very little chance that I would be alive when she arrived in New York.

Dorie called John and he rushed to the hospital to save my life. John worked with me for hours each day. He came to the hospital in the mornings, he came to the hospital in the evenings, and he came in the middle of the night.

Because of John I woke up from my Coma and there was no sign of a Stroke and I have no Paralysis. Not only did John save my life…it is as if I did not ever have a Stroke, was in a Coma, or on Life Support. I am fully recovered.

There are not enough words or money in the world that could ever repay John for saving my life. All I can say is THANK YOU JOHN for being a very important part of my life.

Hi John, something I have been meaning to give to you:

I called John Carroll on a whim. I found his number in New York naturally Directory. As I was flipping thru, I see "Natural Healer" and his name. Curious I call. My friend had some growth on his leg and I figured an alternate method of healing should be done. So I call. I proceeded to tell John about my friend.

He interrupted and said my friend was not the problem, I was. He continued to tell me automatically about my neck and spine injury that I got from a three-car collision. At first I thought he was a hoax, but how did he know? I listened. I told him I had to get another call. I figured he would hang up. He didn't. He went on to tell me I was going to be alright. He told me about thought and emotion and how as a result caused my accident and pain.

It was a brief call. About most, 10 minutes. I hung up. All of a sudden I cried a deep heavy cry. For the first time in a year, all the shock treatments, acupuncture, constant tests that tried to rid of my severe chronic pain was gone. Like that. Gone. I waited for the pain to come back. It didn't. I knew I was healed. To this day my back and neck are stronger then ever! That was about seven years ago.

God bless John Carroll. God bless God. I know now we are loved. Even that woman from Brooklyn (me) who thought she wasn't worth a miracle.

Nova G.

John Carroll is a remarkably gifted spiritual healer. His healing work is fantastic! He is able to completely eliminate all of the physical problems that I have had.

I have had a variety of traumatic injuries to my back and neck which have left me with several different problems such as; severe pain in my back and neck, legs and arms often tingling and numbness in my legs and arms, pain in my kidneys and ringing in my ears.

Virtually every time that John has worked on me, within moments he alleviates the pain and the cause of it.

I still am amazed by his speed and effectiveness in eliminating and assessing a problem. Not only is he effective in person, but on the phone as well. Most of my pain happens when we are not present together and in a moment he has stopped the severe pain of a whiplash injury for instance.

One time in particular, that stands out to me, a few weeks earlier I had received a blow to the back of my head from a large serving tray and began to have difficulty speaking and finding my balance. John happened to come into the deli where I was and he instantly assessed the situation and corrected a misalignment in my neck. Immediately I was fine, talking and walking normally. I was relieved, awed and grateful.

On February 18, 1999 I was ready to cancel a two week vacation trip because of a slipped disc. I could barely walk, could not bend over and was taking up to 10 aspirin per day which did nothing to ease the pain. Fortunately my wife asked that I give John Carroll one chance to improve my condition. After two hours with him I had no pain, could touch my toes and did not have to cancel my vacation.

Today is March 18th. No pain, no restrictions on movement, no apprehension. John is my guardian angel – I’m convinced he is.

Norm L.

I would like to start off with how John Carroll has changed my life. Not only is John a good friend but a wonderful healer. And he gave me my movement back. I am a 47 year old female who had an auto accident yrs. ago. I support my two children Keira and Dorian. I have had every type of therapy, and pain medicine offered nothing helped. I went from doctor to doctor. Stony Brook Hospital told me that they could only get me back to 60% movement. Since I met John Carroll and he worked on me, I have 98% to 100% movement. I never thought I would ride a horse again or run. I can do both. The two hernias in my lower back and my neck do not get in my way anymore. John has helped me in many ways. When I first went to one of Johns workshops, I could not believe what I saw. I was shocked he healed many people. John asked me to stand up; he saw I was in pain just sitting. I did and he started to move his hands all over my back. Not touching me but just healing energy coming from his hands. In a few minutes the pain started to go away. He gave me some imagery work to do on my own to do everyday. I saw with my own eyes when John worked on other people, how they healed, or felt better. One night I saw a white light that came from the inner part of his hands, as he was healing a woman’s leg. Another thing that John helped me with was problems I had with a very abusive ex husband. We have worked on that a little. John has worked with me many times in the past getting me through very hard relationships and depression. These very dark times is when either I call John or he reads my mind and picks up the phone and helps me through it. He does most of his work over the phone. In the eight months of knowing John he has shown my sister and I, and I think that I can speak for her, that miracles really do happen. I have seen with my own eyes John heal over 100 people. I have seen an ora around his hands as he worked on others. I have brought many friends in pain one way or another to be healed by John. I think it is a great honor to have him as a friend and our healer. I will ad this because if I don’t John will correct me as he has in the past many times. It is not John who heals it is God and the blessed mother who gave John this gift and works through him. So I always say John and friends, or John and company. He does not want us to forget who has given him this gift. He is a very special man, and John we all thank you for sharing your gift.

John Carroll is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met in my life. He can take me from a very dark place and bring me into laughter and sunshine.

My sister’s friend called up my sister three days after my mom was diagnosed with a very large tumor. That is how we first heard about John Carroll and his incredible gift to heal. The night my mom was in the hospital after an eight hour operation, and doctors not removing the tumor and closing her back up my sister and I had our first in lighting experience with John Carroll. When we went into a room sat in a pyramid the three of us John at the head. As my sister and I put our hands up in front of us John gave us with his hands an unbelievable amount of healing energy. It was passed through our hands. We worked on my mom for about 45 minutes that night. After leaving the room about ten minutes later my cell phone rang. It was my ten year old son asking me when I was coming home because Grandpa called and said Grandma was sitting up in her hospital bed eating, and the tubes had been removed, about thirty minutes ago. This my friends was the beginning of me seeing my first miracle. A few months later the doctors were all scratching their heads telling my father that they don’t know what happened but my mom’s tumor had shrunk. They said they never saw anything like it. Some of my moms doctors in Florida are asking if they could find out more about this healer named John Carroll……….

Thank you for your interest and time in reading this.

Pam D.

Dear John,

When I came to you six months ago, my body was full of pain: back, hip, and knee, left shoulder – I felt like a big blob of suffering. I remember what it was like, after our second session, rising from the chair with no backache, putting weight on the right knee without it going out on me, raising my left arm without it getting stuck at the shoulder. You did more than make the pains go away, John. You enabled me to seek out alternative methods of healing my entire body – not just the parts that seemed to hurt the most. I thank God for you every day, John. You gave me back my life. All the best,


Dear John,

Your whole perspective changes when you can awaken in the morning and are able to get out of bed without pain, it’s a beautiful morning! For six months I have been suffering with pain in my back which spread in time, to my left leg. John , you know I was x-rayed, had a cat scan, and bone scan. I was about to go through another procedure, injection of a steroid into my back. Fortunately my friend Barbara Lebhar called me one morning to tell me that you had helped her husband who was also suffering back pain. She suggested that perhaps you could help me also. I am so grateful to her for that call. I called you immediately and you agreed to see me that same day. I visited your home , we talked at some length and then you told me to stand near you. You extended your arms, one arm in front and the other behind my body. I felt a warmth emanating from your hands. After some length of time and some further emanations you asked me how I felt and told me to bend over and touch my toes. I did so, very warily, and I was able to do it without pain, something I had not been able to or even attempted to do in months. I was still very wary, waiting and really expecting the pain to return. Well it didn’t that night John. Several days later I was experiencing some pain in the morning, you called me, we talked, you advised me to continue with the imagery you taught me. From that day on I have experienced no pain. It’s been almost five weeks now since my visit to you, John, and still no pain! I’m walking, exercising, and cleaning my house again! (My husband is happy to be relieved of the cleaning chore.) Just “Thank You” seems inadequate but I do thank you many times over. You are truly blessed with a wonderful gift.


Gina Lineham

I first met John while I was in upstate New York in the summer of 1998. My sister-in-law told me about John. I was intrigued by what I heard and asked her to schedule a meeting.

The following morning I was by the pool at my sister-in-laws house when John came up to me. I knew who he was. He asked me what was going on. I explained to John that I had been having major problems with my stomach. I had been to several doctors and not one could diagnose the problem. The problems became so severe that I underwent emergency exploratory surgery. The doctors found nothing wrong with me except that I had a liter of bacteria inside the lining of my stomach. The surgeon removed my appendix because it looked somewhat bad. I asked my family doctor and the surgeon why, when and could this condition reoccur? The doctors were unable to answer any of my questions and my stomach problems continued. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor gave me medications for the high blood pressure, cholesterol, the continuous bloating and irregularity, and gasses. My family doctor also told me about a study for gastrointestinal problems. I enrolled in the study, took some unknown medication for about 3 months, and called a phone bank regularly regarding my bowel movements. I participated out of desperation; maybe, I thought, this is the miracle drug that will cure all. The problem continued despite the medication and regular calls.

That morning in August by the pool, John worked with me. He explained to me that I would be feeling some movement in my stomach and back. He asked me to sit down with my feet on the ground and my arms resting by my side. He worked with me using imagery while explaining the power of prayer. I immediately felt a surge of energy throughout my body. I felt his hands gently massaging the inside of my stomach. My stomach relaxed. He asked me to stand and raise my arms; I felt him work on my back. He explained what he felt and saw inside of me. He talked to me about loving relationships, inner quiet, value systems, trials and tribulations, and about denial. He advised me to respect every person's point of view. He told me never to sacrifice myself on the alter for someone else's needs and to live each day, one day at a time. "Do not deny heart and gut feelings. What we see in another is part or reflection of ourselves." I felt peace. I heard only his voice and understood his message. An hour went by; then two hours went by and we clicked. We were working together to heal me.

After my session with John I was a new person. People who had known me for a while commented that there was something different. No one could pinpoint what it was but they definitely noticed a change. They explained to me that I was a new person with a new personality. They all complimented me for the positive change. Also I am no longer taking any medication. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal.

I continue to work with John over the phone after our initial session in New York. I call him when my stomach reacts because of tribulations in my life. He continues to teach me to thank my stomach for alerting me. I am still practicing on taking one day at a time. I need to constantly remind myself to not make demands on myself and not to sacrifice myself for the needs of others.

My latest work with John is interesting. I was in a car wreck on January 23, 1999. I contacted my lawyer who sent me to a doctor. The doctor automatically ordered some ultrasound therapy and massage sessions. I underwent three sessions. I soon noticed that my back was hurting more and my stomach was becoming very bloated and irritated. I looked like I was seven or eight months pregnant. I was also drinking 12 to 14 glasses of water a day.

I called John. He helped me realize that I was working with energy outside of me. My body was short circuiting. We worked on the phone for about 40 minutes and immediately I felt my stomach relaxing. Through imagery I began to know and to understand. Within 15 minutes I felt like a new person. I experienced the inner quiet he had taught me while working with him in New York.

The next day individuals, young and old, kept commenting to me that I looked so much better. They told me I was a new person. I remembered I had heard these comments from individuals during my visit in New York.

I call John because he guides me. He is a constant reminder, a vehicle, who channels your energy. He brings me peace and adjusts my energy flow. John guides me and supports my efforts. He is my support group.

Sandra Burgess Ph.D.


To Whom It May Concern:

On October 28, 2003 I had a 1 hour session with John Carroll. I had been out of work for over 2 months. I was suffering from a badly torn ligament in my ankle, and a lower back injury caused by a fall at work. I had received physical therapy on my ankle and back, but it seemed to make matters worse. The swelling and pain in my ankles was a real problem for me. I had a session with John the same morning that I was scheduled to see the orthopedic surgeon. Shortly after my session with John, I went to the surgeon and he and I noted the swelling in my leg was completely gone.

He allowed me to subsequently return to work. I felt better and the swelling was no longer a problem. I also felt a newness of mind and Spirit and I am back to full time work and really doing well. I'm not having back pain now either and I do a lot of lifting and strenuous work. I would recommend John to anyone who has tried, but been failed by, the doctors and the traditional therapy route. I was healed and am grateful for John Carroll.

Sincerely ,

Samuel R.

To Whom It May Concern:

John Carroll has extraordinary abilities I have never encountered before. In three separate incidences, the combination of his energy work and imagery exercises had a significant healing effect on my body.

I had been in severe back pain for months. John Carroll came to my house, asked me to close my eyes and face a certain direction. He proceeded to work on me energetically a slight distance from my back for about a half hour. Then he said he had cleared the energy field and my back should be better. I was doubtful about this possibility, but was amazed when I opened my eyes and took a step as I was in no pain. I couldn't believe the difference after months of pain to suddenly be pain free. He explained to maintain the adjustment I would need to change thought patterns underlying the back pain. Based on his energetic assessment he prescribed and imagery exercise I should do for 21 days. I did it for about five days but got distracted on a trip out of town and lapsed. The back pain resumed. I called John when I returned and he told me he knew I had stopped the imagery and when I had stopped it and was correct. He cleared the back pain once again, this time over the phone, and I began the 21 day cycle anew. On the 21st day I woke up with an intense feeling of joy, only later realizing it was the end of the imagery cycle. This experience with John Carroll was amazing. A complete reversal of pain symptoms has turned me into a believer in energy and imagery.

John later came to my house and worked on me further, as I also had various immune and autoimmune problems. He worked on me energetically and then had me sit down in a chair. He said for me to place my hands on top of his head and hut my eyes. For about 20 minutes I just sat there. Towards the end another significant feeling of deep, expansive joy came over me-way beyond my normal experience of joy. He said he had found me very receptive to the energy and that the experience of joy indicated I had been healed. I can not state for sure the impact of Johns work on my immune system per se, but I will say that after each experience with John I felt significantly better and after 2 years I am significantly improved.

Sincerely, Camilla R.

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