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John's Work With Asthma Patients


I am a ten-year old boy who has been suffering from Asthma for six years. I have been in and out of hospitals for six years. One time I stopped breathing altogether and they had to rush me to the hospital and they where going to put a tube down my throat. My mom heard about John Carroll and took me up to see him at his house in Kingston. John was talking to my aunt Deirdre when all of the sudden I could not breath. I told my mom I was having a hard time and could not get my breath. She got Johns attention and told him. John started working on me he told me to sit quiet and think about an image he gave me earlier that day. In minutes I was breathing normal. I used this many times after that. I can remember another time for three days I was very sick with asthma and my mom got a hold of John and he worked with me on the phone all day into the eve and the next day. I was very close to going into the hospital but working with John kept me out this time. My mom said I was even changing colors. But now my Asthma has been better, and I know how to work with it. Thanks to my good friend John Carroll.

Thank you, Dorian D.


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