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John's Work With Alzhimers Patients

Dear John,

Hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given me and to say you can quote the following from me in your practice: “John worked with my mother during her final stages of Alzheimer’s and eased her suffering. It was so clear he connected with her on a level that no one else was able to. It was remarkable even the nurses noticed an improvement in her ability to walk and focus.

Thanks John and God Bless

I testify that I have been taught to heal myself largely by myself and also with guidance from a wonderful teacher, John Carroll, R.H. John has worked with me for three sessions. Besides guiding my energy, he empowered me to take on as much responsibility for my self-healing as I felt capable. What was my health problem? It appeared to be like Alzheimers disease. I was rigid, I dragged my feet, I had low affect, low energy. I couldn’t dance, and I was only 67 years old. I could hardly finish a sentence, I was so slow and spewing word salad (confusing towel for sheet). One hospital saw no treatment available and the condition age-appropriate. Until I went to John Carroll, after two years of attempts with a few isolated successes, I had not had a systematic program of healing as John presented.

Here are the results:

SESSION ONE: Goal: improve short term memory Focus: influencing balance of healthy brain cells reported results at time of session: “ I can see clearer”. Body healing by energy healing: performed

SESSION TWO: Goal: build body energy centers (chakhras) Reported results at time of session: speech incredibly improved; moving faster

SESSION THREE: Goal: Major Healing Reported results at time of session rejuvenated, look and felt like I was just married; my eyes sparkled; my face glowed; I felt self-empowered. Reported observation of others for days thereafter: Hey your walkings changed, you’re not shuffling; your eyes and face look great; you look better than you have in years. Life-long commitment: I promise myself to continue applying paying attention to my life goals and purpose on a regular basis. His way, I increase fulfilling my expectations of getting healthier instead of playing catch-up ball. Facilitating this commitment was a 6-week training program in self hypnosis, guided visualization and imagery.

Alan Marcus

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